Emily Chen delivers her finishing talk on “Population Dynamics of California’s Central Valley Chinook Salmon”!

Congrats to Emily Chen, who delivered her finishing talk today to a packed audience! Her talk covered an overview of the different elements of her dissertation research, including dimensions focused on all four runs of Chinook in California’s Central Valley. Emily is on track to finish this summer and will then begin a postdoc exploring factors influencing the dynamics of Chinook salmon in the Klamath Basin. (PC: Rachael Ryan)

Don’t Put All Your (Fish) Eggs in One Basket: Enhancing Diversity to Promote Steelhead Resilience

FishBio covered our recent work exploring the Central Valley hatchery steelhead portfolio, led by former student Eric Huber (now with the US Fish & Wildlife Service) and including contributions from Rachael Ryan and Stephanie along with our partners with UC Davis and NOAA-Fisheries. Similar to our earlier work with hatchery Chinook (Huber and Carlson 2015), we found a simplification of the Central Valley steelhead hatchery portfolio through time. You can find the blog post here: https://fishbio.com/enhancing-diversity-to-promote-steelhead-resilience/

“Wild Fry: A Conversation with Dr. Stephanie Carlson” featured by the Wild Salmon Center

A conversation with Stephanie was recently featured by the Wild Salmon Center, where Stephanie currently serves on the Science Advisory Board. Through the conversation, Stephanie highlights the importance of habitat mosaics, including “stop over” sites, for supporting a diversity of salmon migratory tactics and life histories. You can find the full conversation here!

Welcome to Dr. Hank Baker!

Dr. Hank Baker has recently joined the #BerkeleyFreshwater labs as a postdoc, advised by Stephanie and Ted. For his postdoc, Hank is part of a collabortive effort led by Mariska Obedzinski with California Sea Grant and supported by NOAA to explore movement tactics in juvenile coho salmon and the potential importance of lower Willow Creek as non-natal rearing habitat. Welcome, Hank!

Stephanie and Albert participate in “Revisiting the Freshwater Imperative” workshop in Colorado

Albert and Stephanie participated in a workshop on “Revisiting the Freshwater Imperative” in Fort Collins in July. It was a jam packed few days, with a lot of discussion aimed at taking stock of progress made since the original Freshwater Imperative was published nearly 30 years ago and advancing an interdiscipinary freshwater science research agenda. Stay tuned for products from this effort!

Can genetic rescue be used as a tool to save endangered salmon? Kasey Pregler and team have some answers

Congratulations to Kasey Pregler and team on a new open-access publication in Conservation Letters evaluating the success of a genetic rescue intervention. This study represents the results of a large collaboration involving researchers at UC Berkeley, California Sea Grant, NOAA-Fisheries, and the Army Corps of Engineers, and Kasey’s effort on the project was supported by a UC Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship. You can learn more about this important project and results here!