CFERP is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of Partnerships for Empowerment, a book written and edited by a wide range of CFERP members including Carl Wilmsen, William F. Elmendorf, Larry Fisher, Jacquelyn Ross, Brinda Sarathy and Gail Wells.

This book analyses the current state of the art of participatory research in community-based natural resource management (CBNRM). Its chapters and case studies examine recent experiences in collaborative forest management, harvesting impacts on forest shrubs, watershed restoration in Native American communities, civic environmentalism in an urban neighborhood and other topics. Although the main geographic focus of the book is the United States, the issues raised are synthesized and discussed in the context of recent critiques of participatory research and CBNRM worldwide. The book’s purpose is to provide insights and lessons for academics and practitioners involved in CBNRM in many contexts. The issues it covers will be relevant to participatory research and CBNRM practitioners and students the world over.

Earthscan Publications will publish the book on June 20, 2008.

Audrey Peterman, a community partner who worked in conjuction with dissertation fellow Carolyn Finney '04, produces a newsletter that offers African-Americans ideas and perspectives on public lands, conservation, the environment and ways to get out and enjoy the beauty, history and affordability of National Parks.

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Photo credits:
Horse Logging : Kenneth E. Gibson: USDA Forest Service,
Rue anemone: Wendy VanDyk Evans,
Pine Straw : Paul Bolstad, University of Minnesota,