Emma Steigerwald - President

Emma is a PhD candidate in the department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM). She aims to explore questions in conservation biology through the lenses of population genetics, evolutionary ecology, and host-pathogen dynamics. Her dissertation work examines the genetic consequences of climate-change-driven range expansion in an Andean amphibian, and the implications in terms of its adaptation in the face of infectious disease. Before coming to Berkeley, she worked in Andean tropical montane cloud forest monitoring the cooperative breeding of and helping develop an ecological corridor for the El Oro Parakeet. Emma has also worked with Yellow-legged gulls at the Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies, studying how their population was effected by the closure of an open-air landfill.

Nick Spano - Vice-President

Nick is a PhD candidate in the Museum of Paleontology and department of Integrative Biology. He studies the ecological consequences of ice age extinctions—coincident with prehistoric global warming and human population expansion—as a lens for addressing similar conservation concerns today. His dissertation work focuses on testing the ecological preferences of Sporormiella, a dung fungus whose spores in sediment records are commonly applied as a proxy for past population densities of large herbivores. Before coming to Berkeley, Nick worked with lake sediment cores at the University of Minnesota.


Chelsea Andreozzi - Secretary

Chelsea is a PhD candidate in the department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM). She is interested in cross-disciplinary approaches to understanding ecological systems. By investigating physical climate, human land use and biological community interactions, her primary aim is to inform conservation planning for biodiversity. Chelsea currently conducts fieldwork in California redwood forests, where she studies how bat species distribution relates to forest management practices and climate variables. Prior to graduate school, Chelsea worked in nonprofit management for community-level organizations supporting locally-driven sustainable development.

Mitch Serota - Treasurer

Mitch is an ESPM PhD student studying the predator-prey interactions between pumas and guanacos in the Patagonian steppe. He is interested in understanding how wildlife movement and behavior changes spatially and temporally from protected areas to human-dominated landscapes. Before Mitch moved to Berkeley in the fall of 2019, he was a Natural Resource Conservation Volunteer for the Peace Corps in Central Mexico. There, he worked with municipal and state government officials and local farmers’ co-ops to conserve working landscapes and develop climate adaptation strategies. Mitch completed his MSc in 2017 at Simon Fraser University where he studied individual variation in life-history trade-offs of breeding birds.

Past Leaders

Since its founding in 1997, the Berkeley Chapter has been led by a number of officers that have helped shape it into the organization it is today. In recognition of their efforts to build the group to what it is today, below is a list of the past presidents and vice presidents.

Jodi Hilty

Shawn Kuchta

Mark Jordan

Bree Rosenblum

Sadie Ryan

Allison Bidlack

Sarah Reed

Kristin Byrd

Anne Swart

Adena Rissman

Wendy Turner

Cole Burton

Mike Wasserman

Morgan Tingley

Susan McIlroy

Erin Meyer Beetham

Tim De Chant

Tim Bean

Co-President  '03-04

Co-President  '97-99

Co-President  '97-99

President        '00-01

Co-President  '01-02

Co-President  '01-02

Co-President  '02-03

Co-President  '02-03

Co-President  '03-04

Co-President  '04-05

Co-President  '04-05

Co-President  '05-06

Co President  '05-06

Co-President  '06-07

Co-President  '06-07

Co-President  '07-08

Co-President  '07-08

Co-President  '08-09

Sarah Swayer

Katie Fiorella

Chris Gurney

Laurie Hall

Miriam Tsalyuk

Nathan Van Schmidt

Briana Abrahms

Kaitlyn Gaynor

Chelsea Andreozzi

Co-President  '08-09

President        '10-11

Vice President '10-11

President        '11-13

President        '13-14

President        '14-15

President        '15-16

President        '16-17

President        '18-19