Tetragnatha Info

Tetragnatha Spiders

Tetragnatha are commonly known as long-jawed orb-weaver spiders or “stretch spiders” in reference to their elongated body and their stretched out form when hiding or resting on branches. As their name implies, they build orb-shaped webs to catch prey.

Tetragnatha spiders are known for their affinity to water and are commonly found on foliage right above or adjacent to bodies of water (creeks, streams, lakes, etc).

For the Eight-Eyed Expedition project we are collecting two species – Tetragnatha versicolor and Tetragnatha laboriosa.

How to Look for Tetragnatha Spiders

The best place to look for Tetragnatha spiders are around bodies of water. They like to build webs or hide in the branches and grass that grows next to or hangs over the water.

They are very good at camouflaging by flattening their bodies and extending their legs out so look closely at the grasses and branches to see if they are hiding on one.

How to Collect Tetragnatha Spiders

Tetragnatha spiders are harmless, skiddish spiders that will run away at the slightest vibration.

The best way to catch Tetragnatha spiders is to hold the container below the spider and then gently cup the spider into the container using the lid of the container or your hands.

Be careful not to get its long legs caught between the lid of the container! If the spider is resisting going down into the container, gently blow on the spider and it’ll encourage it to retreate to the bottom of the container.

↓↓ Watch our “How to Spot and Collect Tetragnatha Spiders” video below for more information! ↓↓