Spring Hike 2023!

After weeks of rain from a series of atmospheric rivers, we got a break in the clouds and headed up the hill for an afternoon lab hike. The wildflowers were blooming and we were treated to views of the entire Bay at the top. We are also bidding farewell to Fati, who returns to Lausanne after a 6-month visit to our group — we’ll miss you and we hope to see you again soon!

Resting at a bench on the way up. The hills behind us are covered in this year’s wildflower batch, including the California poppy, which is the state flower of California. Also shown is the ESPM student, which is the state graduate student of California.
Selfie-style group picture of the lab group with the East Bay in the background.
The view from the top! Also, we’re on a big hill. (Pay no mind to the Michigan sweatshirt… go bears!)