Visit & Study

We are interested in inquiries from prospective undergraduates, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows. If you would like to explore one of these opportunities, please send me an email with a CV and a brief description of your research interests.

Graduate Students

Interested graduate students may apply to work with me through the doctoral program of the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. I encourage all potential students to get in touch with me prior to submitting an application to ESPM, so that we can discuss interests, potential projects, and funding options (e.g., NSF-GRFEPA-STARFord FoundationDelta Science Fellowship Program).

Post-doctoral Fellows

There are several potential opportunities to fund a postdoc in my lab, including UC Berkeley’s Miller FellowshipUC’s President’s Postdoctoral FellowshipNSFFord FoundationSmith Fellowship, and the Delta Science Fellowship Program, among others. I am also willing to develop proposals with prospective post-docs, and happy to provide advice and feedback on grant applications.

Visiting Scholars

If you have an idea for a short research stay, please send an email describing your project and how you forsee yourself working with the group.