Welcome to the Grantham Lab!

We study water and the environment. Much of our work focuses on understanding environmental water needs and identifying strategies for incorporating ecological principles in water management. Both of these areas continue to be active research themes, with a growing emphasis on how to manage freshwater systems in a rapidly changing climate. Through applied, cross-disciplinary investigations that employ hydrological and hydraulic modeling, empirical field studies, geospatial analysis, and ecological statistics, research in our group aims to inform sustainable, cost-effective policies for managing water. Core research and extension interests include:

  • stream ecohydrology
  • environmental flow assessment and implementation
  • spatial conservation planning
  • climate change risk assessment and adaptation
  • cannabis and the environment

UC Berkeley Freshwater Research Group

The Grantham Lab works closely with the research groups of Dr. Stephanie Carlson and Dr. Albert Ruhi in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. We co-advise graduate students and post-docs and hold joint group meetings as the UC Berkeley Freshwater Research Group. We have also developed a common mission statement, expression of values, and commitments to anti-racism.