SOD Blitz 2020 Results

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SOD Blitz 2020 Results

LocationSurveyed TreesSymptomatic Oak Nearby? %Sampled TreesSOD Positive Sampled Trees %Estimated True Infection
Rate %
Symptomatic Surveyed Trees %
Big Sur9421.42860.749.781.9
Del Norte*60416.1336.10.22.5
East Bay East72126.816419.57.839.8
East Bay South60.
East Bay West39826.411024.512.852.3
Peninsula East21416.75420.411.154.7
Peninsula North7039.53821.111.454.3
Peninsula South2440.0224.52.554.9
Peninsula West187815.733734.113.138.5
San Fancisco11690.0490.00.050.2
San Luis Obispo54703.81300.00.02.3
Santa Cruz48717.44645.714.231.2
Sonoma East27078.518930.28.327.7
Sonoma North1283.23135.55.014.1
Sonoma West4907.26927.55.118.4

*Table includes two EU1 P. ramorum samples collected by UCCE outside the 2020 SOD Blitz

Total number of 2020 SOD Blitz Participants = 267


SOD Blitz Community Meetings and Workshops Schedule

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SOD Blitz 2020-2008 Results File

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This activity possible thanks to funding from:
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PG&E Foundation
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