SOD Blitz 2023 Survey Project

Ten points to get you ready for the 2023 SOD Blitz:

1- Check the SOD Blitz 2023 Schedule for the time and location of your local Blitz
2- Register for the Blitz Online  – If you are planning to sample in the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District please complete this online waiver
3- Complete the online SOD Blitz Survey training
4- Download the free app SODmap mobile to see trees that were previously sampled and to get the coordinates of the trees you sample. It is OK to resample trees!
5- Pick up your sample collection packet at your local SOD Blitz station listed in the SOD Blitz 2023 Schedule.
6- Please return the sample collection packet before the deadline. The deadline is posted at the SOD Blitz station (usually Monday before 9pm).
7- Unless otherwise noted, each station will be manned the first day of each SOD Blitz between 10am and noon, however you can collect and return samples until the local event’s sample return deadline.
8- Don’t forget to fill in the feedback survey, included in the sample collection packet, to help us improve the program.
9- If you have ever performed any action to protect your oaks/tanoaks from SOD, whether surveying for SOD, following a specific gardening schedule to minimize the spread of SOD, removing  infectious  or dead trees or treating trees, please fill in the SOD Treatment Survey Form. This form is also included in your survey collection packet or it can be completed online at
10 -Thank you for your help!

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