Spring 2024: Amanda Dee and Liam Kirkpatrick joined the lab as graduate students. Both are working at JBEI – welcome to the lab!

Spring 2023: Lauren Owens and Peter Mellinger joined the lab as graduate students. Lauren is a graduate student in MCB at UC Berkeley and is working at JBEI, Peter is a graduate student in PMB and is working at Koshland Hall on the UC Berkeley campus

June 2022: Shih lab camping trip – our first since the start of the pandemic.

May 2022: Sophia Tang has joined the lab as a graduate student. Sophia is a graduate student in MCB at UC Berkeley and is working at JBEI.

December 2021: Congratulations to Shih Lab undergraduate researcher Jasmine Cevallos for winning the Koret Discovery Fellowship! Her fellowship will enable Jasmine to conduct independent research in the summer of 2022.

July 2021: The Shih lab has moved to UC Berkeley!

March 2021: Congrats to Mitch Thompson for being awarded the Life Sciences Research Foundation postdoctoral fellowship!

October 2020: Patrick is a recipient of a 2020 Packard Fellowship!

October 2020: Congrats to Andy Zhou for being awarded a NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship!

December 2019: Holiday Party!​

August 2019: Congrats to Albert and Elys on being awarded NIH Chemical Biology T32 Fellowships!

July 2019: Lab summer BBQ!

July 2019: Collin Barnum awarded NIH Molecular and Cell Biology T32 Fellowship!

​June 2019: Congrats to undergrad Roxanna Pignolet for receiving the 2019 Stacey Roberts and Michael Lassner Award!

May 2019: Congrats to undergrads Shehan Wijesinghe for the receiving the Folsom Garden Club Scholarship and Izaiah Ornelas for becoming a NSF CAMP Scholar!

March 2019: Collin Barnum, Albert Liu, Kasey Markel, and Elys Rodriguez join the lab as graduate students. Welcome to the lab!

March 2019: Lab camping trip!