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CNR Academic Calendar

CNR Academic calendar for cases with a July 1, 2018 effective date

CNR Endowed Chairs

CNR Endowed Chair appointment list
  • CNR Endowed Chairs Committee members:
  • Hei Sook Sul (Chair)
  • Tom Bruns
  • Paolo D'Odorico
  • Rosie Gillespie
  • Cathy Koshland
  • Michael Mascarenhas
  • Norman Terry
  • David Zilberman
  • Ardaan Locht (Ex Officio)
  • Kathryn Moriarty-Baldwin (Ex Officio)
  • CNR guiding principals on endowed chair appointments
  • UCB guidelines on endowed chair appointments
  • UCB policy concerning endowed chairs and faculty retirement
  • -->
  • Endowed Chair policies:
  • Academic personnel guidelines developed by the Vice Provost for the Faculty and the Senate’s Committee Budget and Interdepartmental Relations may be found here:
  • Administrative guidelines developed by University Relations may be found here:
  • Academic Personnel Manual 191 on endowed chairs and professorships
  • UCB policy concerning endowed chairs and faculty retirement
  • CNR Endowed Chair terms:
  • Abraham E. and Martha M. Michelbacher Chair in Systematic Entomology
  • Betty and Isaac Barshad Chair in Soils Science
  • Class of 1935 Distinguished Professorship in Energy
  • Goertz Distinguished Professorship in Wildlife Management
  • Hildebrand-Laumeister Chair in Plant Pathology
  • A.S. Leopold Chair in Wildlife Biology
  • Robinson Chair in food and Agricultural Resource Economics
  • Russell L. Rustici Chair in Rangeland Management
  • Schlinger Chair in Systematic Entomology
  • S.J. Hall Endowed Chair in Forest Economics
  • The Ruth Okey Chair in Nutritional Science and Toxicology
  • William Muriece Hoskins Chair in Chemical and Molecular Entomology
  • Campus Resources

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    Compensation and Salary

    Academic Affairs Contact Information

    Maria Aranas, Academic Affairs Analyst
    ERG and ESPM non-senate academic affairs
    210 Giannini # 3100, (510) 664-9622,

    Allison Covington, Academic Affairs Analyst
    ERG, NST, PMB and Centers academic affairs
    109 Giannini Hall # 3100, (510) 642-9721,

    Annie Viveier, Academic Affairs Analyst
    ESPM academic affairs
    110 Giannini Hall # 3100, (510) 643-9405,

    Monique Zuniga, Academic Affairs Analyst
    ARE, NST, PMB and Dean's office and Centers non-senate academic affairs
    210 Giannini # 3100, (510) 631-1789,

    Lewis Feldman, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    101 Giannini # 3100, (510) 642-9877,

    Ardaan Locht, Director for Academic Affairs
    108 Giannini # 3100, (510) 643-9941,