College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Safety & Facilities

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Safety Resources


The new hours for all access (card key, trilogy codes, metal keys) requests and pickups will now only be Tuesday through Thursday between the hours of 9am -11am and 2pm - 3pm.

Email requests to


PI or lab managers must notify the facilities team at prior to having equipment salvaged, moved, cannibalized, traded-in, upgraded or loaned.

For all building facility issues email the CNR facilities team at Include building name , room location of issue, and contact info.

Safety and Facilities Contact Information

Please send requests to

Tony Gamez
CNR Facilities Manager
54 Mulford # 3100, 643-5252,

Eddie Cazarez
Koshland Hall, GPB Teaching Building, and Morgan Hall Coordinator
Ergonomic Evaluations Coordinator
54 Mulford # 3100, 643-2606,

Jonathan Rennella
Mulford Hall and Wellman Hall Coordinator
Copy Code Distribution
54 Mulford # 3100, 664-4881,

Christina Wistrom
Oxford Tract and Gill Tract Coordinator
1751 Walnut Street, 110 Oxford Tract Greenhouse # 3100, 642-8189,

Rob York
Safety and Building Management for Forest Properties
4501 Blodgett Forest Road, Georgetown CA, (530) 333-4475,