Stahl Lab Alumnus

Garrett Dempsey, PhD

Hola mi nombre es Garrett. Originally from Illinois I moved to San Diego to attend UCSD. Now at UC Berkeley in the lab of Andreas Stahl I am researching the role of tension in brown and beige adipose tissue development and function. Outside the lab you can catch me running, cooking, writing, and attempting to learn Spanish.

Also, I write for FoundMyFitness! Follow their page!

Education and Research

UC Berkeley, PhD Candidate, 2016-2022

Metacrine Inc, Research Associate, Nov 2015- June 2016

Receptos Inc., Associate Scientist, Feb 2015-Nov 2015

University of San Diego, Undergraduate, 2011-2015

Diyala Shihadih, PhD

I’m a PhD candidate in Metabolic Biology. I grew up in the bay area and earned my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UC Davis. Currently, I am researching how lipid transport and metabolism are altered in disease states such as cancer and how these altered functions can be therapeutic targets.

Education and Research

University of California, Berkeley; PhD candidate; 2015-2022

University of California, Davis; Undergraduate 2011-2015

Awards and Fellowships

UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Fellowship recipient

2018 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor

You can also find me on ResearchGate.

Peter-James H. Zushin, PhD

Biological generalist turned metabolic biologist that is currently learning bioengineering techniques to further investigate the thermogenic adipose tissue niche in vivo. Since coming to the Stahl lab I have been involved in our CoQ, Fat-on-a-chip, and hyaluronic acid-based hydrogel for beige adipose tissue formation projects. My interests lie at the intersection of evolution, tissue development, and bioengineering techniques that can help investigate those topics!

Education and Research

UC Berkeley; Graduate Student (Ph.D); 2015-2022

Boston University; Graduate Student (M.A.); 2009-2012

University of Akron; Graduate Student (M.S.); 2006-2009

University of Akron; Undergraduate; 2001-2005

Awards and Fellowships

2018, Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship, NIH (NIBIB)

You can also find me on Research Gate.

Ching-Fang Chang, PhD

I see myself as a multidisciplinary biomedical biologist focusing on energy metabolism and stem cell biology. My goal is to find a practical intervention to effectively combat obesity and its associated metabolic disorders.

Education and Research

University of California, Berkeley; Postdoc; July 2014-2022