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Faculty Project Name Facultysort descending
Addressing Structural Inequality in U.S. Agricultural Higher Education: An Assessment of Pedagogical Practices and Food Systems Coursework at Land-grant Institutions Alastair Iles
Effects of low flow on Sierra Nevada stream food webs Albert Ruhi Vidal
Influence of tidal marsh restoration on aquatic food webs of the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta Albert Ruhi Vidal
Understanding Cropping Patterns, Technology Adoption and Labor Markets in India Aprajit Mahajan
Effects of large carnivore restoration on wildlife community dynamics Arthur Middleton
Genomics of Environmental Adaptation in Monkeyflowers Benjamin Blackman, PhD
Natural Variation in Developmental Timing and Morphology in Sunflower Benjamin Blackman, PhD
Evolutionary Trends in Leaf Venation Network Architecture Benjamin Blonder
Linking leaf venation and hydraulic traits Benjamin Blonder
DNA methylation machinery in adipose biology Dr. Sona Kang, PhD
Defining quantitative microbial functional traits from genomes to test ecological theories across scales Eoin Brodie
Creating Native Bee Habitat in California Orchards Gordon Frankie
Biodiversity of Spiny Lizards Ian Wang
Programming tools to understand plant-pathogen interactions Jennifer Lewis
Plant immune responses to bacterial pathogens Jennifer Lewis
Karuk Agroecosystem Resilience Initiative: Graphic design of guidebooks & publicized reports Jennifer Sowerwine
Karuk Agroecosystem Resilience Initiative: Botanical focused research and herbarium specimen administration Jennifer Sowerwine
Metabolic regulation of CYP26A1 Joe Napoli
Remote sensing pollution Joseph Shapiro
Single Use Disposable Plastics: Measuring the impacts of the Berkeley ordinance Kate ONeill
Conservation Crisis and Climate Change in a Northern California Agricultural Community Kathryn Teigen De Master, PhD
Bioinformatics project on the adaptation of fungal plant pathogens to plant defenses Ksenia Krasileva
Impacts of water chemistry on the properties of struvite-based fertilizers recovered from concentrated waste streams Laura Lammers
Tibetan antelope ecology and conservation: an overview Lynn Huntsinger
Mapping municipal funding for police in California Maggi Kelly
Understanding the role of land hydrology to sea level rise variability Manuela Girotto, PhD
Developing computational strategies to predict polysaccharide structure from polysaccharide biosynthetic gene clusters Mary K. FIRESTONE
Silencing powdery mildew genes to reduce plant disease Mary WILDERMUTH
Museum Studies of Caddisflies Patina Mendez
Genetic dissection of trait variation between long-diverged species Rachel B BREM
Chemical recognition cues in an adaptive radiation of Hawaiian spiders Rosemary Gillespie
Social Pressure and Water Conservation project Sofia Villas-Boas
Economic Impacts of Agricultural Shifts in Kern County Van Butsic
Understanding the composition and function of the nuclear envelope in plants Yangnan Gu
Hisstory of Asian American Women at Berkeley Zinmay Renee Sung