A list of faculty projects is below. Select a project name to review its information.

Faculty Project Name Faculty
Drought Tolerance Mediated Through Plant-Adapted Microbial Communities Devin Coleman-Derr
Help with a study and Chapter on CA Agriculture Retail/Consumer Demand Sofia Villas-Boas
Using CalBug databasing to add new species records for the Carabid Beetles of California Kipling Will
Understanding the effects of fire on the arthropod community of Mount Diablo Kipling Will
Linking the effect of farm management: soil to pollinators Claire Kremen
Insect Diversity Internship Claire Kremen
Cacao Pollination Claire Kremen
Aquatic-terrestrial linkages in intermittent streams Stephanie Carlson
GIS for mapping California Vegetation Maggi Kelly
Automatic identification of protein domains Steven E. Brenner
Analysis of human whole exome sequencing data to identify causative variants in newborn screening for primary immunodeficiencies Steven E. Brenner
Global human gene expression regulation by nonsense-mediated mRNA decay. Steven E. Brenner
Chemical recognition cues in an adaptive radiation of Hawaiian spiders Rosemary Gillespie
Mapping illegal forest clearing in the Sierra Nevada Van Butsic
A Drosophila model for human epilepsy: identification and characterization of novel antiepileptic drugs Mark A. TANOUYE
Wildlife Camera and Botanical Data Analysis & Cleaning Luke Macaulay
Aquatic Insects of Intermittent Streams Patina Mendez
Programming tools to understand plant-pathogen interactions Jennifer Lewis
Enhancing plant resistance to powdery mildews Mary WILDERMUTH
Genetics of Floral Pigmentation Patterns Benjamin Blackman, PhD
Friend from Foe: continuing the discovery of the group-recognition system of eusocial trematodes Neil Tsutsui
Studying Epigenetic Mechanisms involved in Drought Tolerance in Sorghum bicolor Peggy Lemaux
Evaluation of impacts of sudden oak death on oak-bay laurel forests David Wood
Identifying the role of DNA demetnylases in brown adipose development and metabolism Dr. Sona Kang, PhD
Fifty shades of prey: What information do jumping spiders need to catch their food? Damian Elias
Identification and analysis of potassium channel regulatory sites in Arabidopsis transgenic plants Sheng Luan
Cuticular Hydrocarbons of Argentine Ants: Tradeoffs Between Desiccation and Communication Neil Tsutsui
Assessing how nuclear localization of the plant SIC protein impacts its control circadian rhythms. Frank G Harmon, PhD
Nestmate recognition and desiccation resistance in super colonies of the invasive Argentine ant Linepithema humile Neil Tsutsui
Sustainably remediating arsenic soil contamination Celine Pallud
Natural Variation in Flowering Time, Solar Tracking, and Reproduction in Sunflower Benjamin Blackman, PhD
Genetics of Adaptation to Seasonal Cues in Monkeyflowers Benjamin Blackman, PhD
Consequences of losing legs in the biomechanics, chemical ecology and sexual behavior of Daddy Long-Legs Damian Elias
Increased Biomass in C4 Cereal Crops and Grasses Peggy Lemaux
Identifying fitness traits of soil bacteria through generation of RB-TnSeq mutant libraries. Eoin Brodie
Landscape genetics of California amphibians and reptiles Ian Wang
Morphological evolution in Lesser Antillean Anolis lizards Ian Wang
The Global Political Economy of Waste Kate ONeill
Native Bees Need a Forum Gordon Frankie
What types of Farms are Behind the Bay Area’s Farm to Table Movement? Alastair Iles
Participatory Mapping of Farmland Access in the California Central Coast Alastair Iles
Mapping global montane biodiversity patterns and threats Adina Merenlender
How do species evolve new traits? Rachel B BREM
Plant immune responses to bacterial pathogens Jennifer Lewis