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Faculty Project Name Faculty
Discovery and quantification of traits of soil microbes Eoin Brodie
Agroindustry, Ecology, and Rural Equity in Midwestern Farming Communities Youjin B. Chung
Aquatic Insects of Bay Area Streams Patina Mendez
California Native Bee Monitoring Gordon Frankie
Characterizing Spatiotemporal Morphological Variation in a Rare Lake Adapted Population of Stream Fish Ian Wang
Chasing the Sun: The Politics of Solar Deployment in Middle Income Countries Jonas Meckling
Climate Policy, Social Movements, and the Latest Hydropower Boom: A Geospatial Analysis Meg Mills Novoa
Coding up the difference-in-differences imputation estimator in Stata or R Kirill Borusyak
Comparative Case Study Research on Farm to School Supply Chains Christy Getz
Computational analysis of microbial traits and their effect on biogeochemical processes Eoin Brodie
Effects of drought on riparian leaf litter, aquatic detritivores, and decomposition in Pinnacles National Park Albert Ruhi Vidal
Epigenetic and molecular mechanisms of insulin resistance Sona Kang
Evaluation of a Produce Prescription program in Yolo County Susana L Matias, PhD
Evolution of cellular senescence in mice Rachel B BREM
Exploring and engineering biological carbon fixation Patrick M Shih
Factors Impacting Agricultural Resilience and Abandonment in Ukraine: A Historical to Near-Real-Time Analysis Iryna Dronova
Field 13CO2 labeling system set up for studying bacterial fungal interactions in the grassland ecosystem Mary K. FIRESTONE
Flight-associated morphometrics of kidnapper ants (genus: Polyergus) in island and mainland systems Neil Tsutsui
Forest and Woodland Resilience to Global Change: Adaptive Silviculture and Tree Species Range Shifts Miranda Devi Redmond
Function of the Antioxidant Ergothioneine in Eukaryotes Krishna Niyogi
Functional analysis of Cu homeostasis components and regulatory mechanisms in the green algae Chlamydomonas Sabeeha Merchant
Genetics of Adaptation in Monkeyflowers Benjamin Blackman
Genetics of fungal bricks Rachel B BREM
How Countries Set Climate Targets Under the Paris Agreement Jonas Meckling
Identification of molecular components coding for calcium signals in plants Sheng Luan
Impact of Mechanization in Agriculture on Female Labor in India Aprajit Mahajan
Impacts of Invasive Ant Competition on Bee Foraging Behavior in Coastal Hawaiian Ecosystems Neil Tsutsui
Improving Transgene Expression in Microalgae Krishna Niyogi
Karuk Tribe-UC Berkeley Collaborative and UC ANR Tribal research and communications internship Jennifer Sowerwine
Landscape Change in the Bay Area: Grassland Loss Lynn Huntsinger
Leveraging phylogenetic and sequence diversity to engineer photoprotection Krishna Niyogi
Licensed and Unlicensed Cultivation Across Ban and Permit Jurisdictions Van Butsic
Local control, equity, and sustainability in California cannabis policy Christy Getz
Mechanisms of diversity generation in plant immune receptors Chandler Sutherland
Mechanisms regulating maturation in trees Aaron Leichty
Metabolic Engineering of Green Algae for Sustainable Bioproduct Sabeeha Merchant
MicroRNA regulation of plant innate immunity Barbara J. Baker
Monitoring ground-dwelling arthropods in San Vicente Redwoods, Santa Cruz Co. Kipling Will
Natural diversity in immune responses to bacterial pathogens Jennifer Lewis
Nature-based climate solutions in cities: the cooling potential of California Iryna Dronova
Paying Smallholder Farmers to Increase Carbon Sequestration by Changing Agricultural Practices: Evidence from Odisha Aprajit Mahajan
Paying Smallholder Farmers to Increase Carbon Sequestration by Changing Agricultural Practices: Evidence from Odisha Aprajit Mahajan
Photosynthesis gene function discovery in algae Krishna Niyogi
Plant immune responses to bacterial pathogens Jennifer Lewis
Powdery mildew manipulation of chloroplast metabolism Mary WILDERMUTH
Psychological and labor supply impacts of flooding for farm households Ethan A. LIGON
Punjabi Sikh Communities and Landscapes in California Kurt Spreyer
Quantification of Corrinoids in Fermented Foods Michiko Taga
Riparian fuel treatment effects on Alder, a critical species for forest health Rob York
Secondary Research on Peak Rare Earth Mining Project in Tanzania Youjin B. Chung
Street smarts: Carnivore boldness, cognition, and social heterogeneity Christopher John Schell
Structural approach to uncover the photoprotective mechanisms adopted by plants and algae. Krishna Niyogi
The Evolution of Local Attitudes to Wind Energy Development in the US Since 1980s Jonas Meckling
Trade and Transportation Thibault Fally
Understanding the role of nuclear transport receptor in plant immune activation Yangnan Gu
Zero Waste Lab Kate ONeill