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Faculty Project Name Faculty
Impacts of Invasive Ant Competition on Bee Foraging Behavior in Coastal Hawaiian Ecosystems Neil Tsutsui
Analyzing Economic Impacts of Desert Locust Outbreaks Ethan A. LIGON
Anatomical contribution to leaf hydraulic failure under drought Benjamin Blonder
Aquatic Insects of Intermittent Streams Patina Mendez
Biodiversity of Spiny Lizards Ian Wang
Biology and evolution of an emerging vector-borne plant pathogen Rodrigo Almeida
Chemical recognition cues in an adaptive radiation of Hawaiian spiders Rosemary Gillespie
Climate Advocacy and Opposition in the U.S. States Jonas Meckling
Create genetic constructs to express NPQ-related genes in model flowering plants Krishna Niyogi
Creating Native Bee Habitat in California Orchards Gordon Frankie
Does Globalization Undermine Sustainability? Katherine Wagner
Does latex reinforce certain types of plant defense strategies in leaves? Benjamin Blonder
Effects of climate change on Sierra Nevada stream food webs Albert Ruhi Vidal
Efficient photosynthesis is essential for productive food crops Krishna Niyogi
Evolution of color and pattern variation in island populations of the Aegean wall lizard Ian Wang
Examining the role of DNA methylation at a flowering time gene Ben Williams, PhD
Expanding the Molecular Toolbox for a Biomineralizing Microalgal Model System Krishna Niyogi
Functional Genetics of Sunflower and Monkeyflower Benjamin Blackman, PhD
Genetics of Adaptation in Monkeyflowers Benjamin Blackman, PhD
Gypsum carbonation for mineral carbon sequestration Laura Lammers
How do soil bacteria share nutrients? Michiko Taga
International Climate Change Policy: How Does the Paris Agreement Drive Emissions Reductions? Jonas Meckling
Juvenile salmonid foraging activity during extreme drought Stephanie Carlson
Labor Unions and Environmental Politics Jonas Meckling
Local control and equity in California agricultural policy Christy Getz
Mate choice and hybridization in jumping spiders Damian Elias
Measuring Welfare in Low Income Countries Ethan A. LIGON
Metabolic regulation of CYP26A1 Joe Napoli
Microclimatic drivers of alpine plant community dynamics Benjamin Blonder
Museum Studies of Caddisflies Patina Mendez
Natural Variation in Developmental Timing and Morphology in Sunflower Benjamin Blackman, PhD
Phylogeny and taxonomy of the giant predatory beetles of eastern Queensland and New South Wales, Australia Kipling Will
Plant immune responses to bacterial pathogens Jennifer Lewis
Plant-microbial interactions and the development of anaerobic microsites in upland soils Eoin Brodie
Poison and Thirst. Urban Austerity and Environmental Racism in Flint and Detroit Michael Mascarenhas
Predicting microbial traits from genomes and developing mathematical models to study the ecology of soil microbes Eoin Brodie
Programming tools to understand plant-pathogen interactions Jennifer Lewis
Quantifying aquatic macroinvertebrate prey availability for juvenile salmonids during extreme drought Stephanie Carlson
Rangewide re-sequencing of Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) Richard Dodd
Recolonization pathways of macroinvertebrate communities in intermittent streams: does isolation matter? Albert Ruhi Vidal
Remote sensing of mountain snow after wildfire Manuela Girotto
Species identification for insect samples or small mammal/reptile photos Justin Brashares
Study of photosynthetic organisms to address climate change/improve crops. Krishna Niyogi
Sustainable solutions to help meet the growing global needs for energy and products Krishna Niyogi
Tropical forest regeneration: a pan tropical analysis of carbon allocation to reproduction Lara Marie Kueppers
Understanding molecular mechanism of inflammation and insulin resistance during obesity Sona Kang
Using entomology museum and molecular lab methods to understand carabid beetle diversity and evolution Kipling Will
Vehicle emissions policy and registration fees Joseph Shapiro
Wildlife Camera Trapping to Improve Insights in Ecology and Conservation Arthur Middleton