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Faculty Project Name Faculty
Aquatic Insects of California Streams Patina Mendez
Chasing the Sun: The Politics of Solar Deployment in Middle Income Countries Jonas Meckling
Defining mechanisms underpinning organ regeneration in tomato plants Ben Williams, PhD
Ecological and evolutionary genomics in tropical birds Ian Wang
Electricity services and Just Transitions: How Reliable? How Just? Isha RAY
Environment, Equity and Agroindustrial Transformation in Midwestern Farming Communities Youjin B. Chung
Epigenetic regulation of adipogenesis and adipose remodeling Sona Kang
ESPM History Kurt Spreyer
Exploring the impact of beaver restoration on water storage capacity in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California. Manuela Girotto
Heavy metal uptake and use by a methylotrophic microbe Norma Cecilia Martinez Gomez
Impacts of Invasive Ant Competition on Bee Foraging Behavior in Coastal Hawaiian Ecosystems Neil Tsutsui
Indigenous Oaxacan Farmworker Community Environmental and Occupational Health Seth Holmes
Interspecific mating behavior in jumping spiders Damian Elias
Local control, equity, and sustainability in California cannabis policy Christy Getz
Making Global Solutions Local: Increasing Awareness and Consumption of Nutrient-Dense Moringa for All Californians Susana L Matias, PhD
Measuring Welfare in Low Income Countries Ethan A. LIGON
Mechanisms regulating maturation in trees Aaron Leichty
Microbial Fuel Production from CO2 Jay D. KEASLING
Monitoring ground-dwelling arthropods in San Vicente Redwoods, Santa Cruz Co. Kipling Will
Morphological Responses to Climate Change in Desert Rodents Steven R. BEISSINGER, PhD
Natural diversity in immune responses to bacterial pathogens Jennifer Lewis
Plant immune responses to bacterial pathogens Jennifer Lewis
Programming/Engineering tools to dissect plant-pathogen interactions Jennifer Lewis
Social and Gender Dimensions of Rare Earth Mining in Africa Youjin B. Chung
Street smarts: Carnivore boldness, cognition, and social heterogeneity Christopher John Schell
The role of cuticular hydrocarbons and endosymbionts in Argentine ant-hemipteran mutualisms Neil Tsutsui
Theoretical foundations and metrics of gendered empowerment initiatives measured in global health and development programming in South Asia Isha RAY
Understanding Mountain Snowfall Accumulation Dynamics in a Changing Climate Manuela Girotto
Understanding the composition and function of the nuclear envelope in plants Yangnan Gu
Understanding the roles of distinct outer membrane lipids in susceptibility to antibiotic and environmental stresses Kathleen Ryan
Urban Bee Lab: Bee-plant Interactions in Avocado Orchards and Urban Brentwood Gordon Frankie
Using CRISPR to understand the genetics of UV reflectance in flowers Benjamin Blackman
Who governs bay area water systems? Kristin Dobbin
Zero Waste Lab Kate ONeill