A list of faculty projects is below. Select a project name to review its information.

Faculty Project Name Faculty
Assessing Effects of Prescribed Burning in Young Sierra Mixed Conifer Plantations Following Varying Mechanical Pre-Treatments Rob York
Understanding the evolutionary history of the hemispherical savage beetle using molecular data Kipling Will
Long-term arthropod monitoring project in Perkins Canyon, Mt. Diablo Kipling Will
Sustainable Soils Research Incubator Celine Pallud
Amphibian Acoustics: Implications for Tropical Conservation Claire Kremen
Vegetation Experiment – Chemical & Spectral Analysis Todd Dawson
Rangeland Ecology, Conservation, Policy, Economics, & Land Tenure Luke Macaulay
Caddisflies of Intermittent Streams in California Patina Mendez
Linking the effect of farm management: soil to pollinators Claire Kremen
Testing the fluidity of colony identity in Argentine ants Neil Tsutsui
Communities and Landscapes of the East Bay Kurt Spreyer
How valuable is agroforestry to biodiversity? A meta-analysis Claire Kremen
Urban agroecology and soil health Timothy Bowles, PhD
Agroecological improvements in chocolate fields: a tropical pollination story Claire Kremen
Green Infrastructure in Rising Megacities Jonas Meckling
Mapping Cannabis in Northern California Van Butsic
Automated classification of vocalization of Sierra Foothills birds Steven R. BEISSINGER, PhD
Beach Flies of Hawaii Neil Tsutsui
The Anthropocene and the Humanities Carolyn MERCHANT
Health Effects of Pollution in India Aprajit Mahajan
Fifty shades of prey: What information do jumping spiders need to catch their food? Damian Elias
Engineering bs5 disease resistance in tomato Brian Staskawicz
Landscape genetics of California amphibians and reptiles Ian Wang
MicroRNA regulation of plant innate immunity Barbara J. Baker
Responses of aquatic biodiversity to Strawberry Creek’s restoration Albert Ruhi Vidal
Natural Variation in Flowering Time in Sunflower Benjamin Blackman, PhD
Genetics and Ecology of Floral Pigmentation Patterns Benjamin Blackman, PhD
Genetics of Adaptation to Seasonal Cues in Monkeyflowers Benjamin Blackman, PhD
Conserved molecules in plant immunity Ksenia Krasileva
No End in Sight. Race, Water, and Urban Austerity in Michigan Michael Mascarenhas
Epigenetic regulation of fat metabolism Dr. Sona Kang, PhD
Regulation of Photosynthesis by Light and Carbon Krishna Niyogi
Energy transfer mechanisms in photosynthetic light-harvesting proteins Krishna Niyogi
Understanding historic vegetation patterns in the Six Rivers National Forest Matthew Potts
Wild bees, pesticides, & agriculture Nicholas Mills
The Rise of China's Agro(cultural) Forestry Nancy Peluso
Building Equitable and Inclusive Food Systems at UC Berkeley: Foodscape Mapping Project Policy Advocacy Alastair Iles
Pronghorn Antelope Ecology and the Impacts of Fences Lynn Huntsinger
Plant immune responses to bacterial pathogens Jennifer Lewis
Cultivation and Metagenomics to Study Bacteria in the Candidate Phyla Radiation (CPR) Jill Banfield
Sustainable Urban Farming Video Project for East Bay Farms Jennifer Sowerwine
Regulation of Adipose Lipid Metabolism by a New Lipid Droplet Protein Hei Sook Sul
Genetic dissection of trait variation between long-diverged species Rachel B BREM
Transcriptional Regulation of Lipogenesis by Insulin and Refeeding Hei Sook Sul
The effect of Shocks on Decision to have Children Sofia Villas-Boas
Exploration of Plant Innate Immune System Brian Staskawicz
Biological Control of Common Urban Agricultural Pests Miguel Altieri