Faculty Projects

A list of faculty projects is below. Select a project name to review its information.

Faculty Project Name Faculty
Building Equitable and Inclusive Food Systems at UC Berkeley: Foodscape Mapping Project Alastair Iles
SPUR Summer 2017 MicroRNA regulation of plant innate immunity Barbara J. Baker
A Political Ecology of Honeybee Declines in California Nancy Peluso
Deciphering and contrasting signaling and desiccation resistance properties of cuticular hydrocarbon profiles in super colonies of the invasive Argentine ant, Linepithema humile Neil Tsutsui
Winter Is Coming: Uncovering the role of overwintering in queen executions and production in Argentine ants Neil Tsutsui
The Global Political Economy of Waste Kate ONeill
Global Cooperation on Clean Energy Jonas Meckling
Adaptation and genetic divergence in sugar pine Richard Dodd
Assessing Impacts of Klamath Tribal Food Security Project Jennifer Sowerwine
Studies of genetic diversity in giant sequoia Richard Dodd
Chemical Deception: mechanisms of host selection in a facultative ‘slave-making’ ant Neil Tsutsui
Friend from Foe: continuing the discovery of the group-recognition system of eusocial trematodes Neil Tsutsui
Chemical recognition in an adaptive radiation of Hawaiian spiders Rosemary Gillespie
Identifying the role of DNA demetnylases in brown adipose development and metabolism Dr. Sona Kang, PhD
Genetics of Adaptation to Seasonal Cues in Monkeyflowers Benjamin Blackman, PhD
Natural Variation in Solar Tracking and Reproduction in Sunflower Benjamin Blackman, PhD
Transcriptomic analysis of sand inoculated soil isolate Mary K. FIRESTONE
Digitizing the west coast’s largest reference collection of pollen grains Matthew Potts
Clone of Mapping Cannabis Agriculture in Northern California Van Butsic
Evaluation of impacts of sudden oak death on oak-bay laurel forests David Wood
Below- and aboveground connections in pollination Claire Kremen
Cacao Pollination Claire Kremen
Using GIS for mapping California Vegetation Maggi Kelly
How do species evolve new traits? Rachel B BREM
Light Brown Apple Moth: an invasive species in California Nicholas Mills
Drought Tolerance Mediated Through Plant-Adapted Microbial Communities Devin Coleman-Derr
Beach Flies of Hawaii Patrick O'Grady
Evolution of California Craneflies Patrick O'Grady
Brown adipose tissue function in a mouse model of obesity and insulin resistance Joe Napoli
The song and dance of spider sex: Color, vibratory signals and courtship success in a jumping spider Damian Elias
Estimating the Willingness to Pay for Water Efficiency in Food we Consume Sofia Villas-Boas