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Faculty Project Namesort descending Faculty
Analyzing violations of federal environmental law Joseph Shapiro
Cannabis Geographies Van Butsic
Chasing the Sun: The Politics of Solar Investment in the Global South Ishana Ratan
Complex song evolution in spiders Damian Elias
Designing Public Institutions for Commercializing New Clean Energy Technologies Jonas Meckling
Development Impacts of Agricultural Colonization in the Frontier: The case of Mennonites in Latin America Ethan A. LIGON
Effects of drought on riparian leaf litter, aquatic detritivores, and decomposition in Pinnacles National Park Albert Ruhi Vidal
Evolution and bioengineering of salt fermentation in yeasts Rachel B BREM
From mayflies to mallards: Exploring the potential for using flows as a restoration tool in Southern California rivers Albert Ruhi Vidal
Genome editing tomato plants for disease resistance Brian Staskawicz
Global Climate Governance for Sectoral Transitions to Net Zero Taryn Fransen
Influence of tidal marsh restoration on aquatic food webs of the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta Albert Ruhi Vidal
Landscapes of Landback Van Butsic
Mapping and Delineating Hawaiian Forest Tree Canopies for Climate Change Research Shannon Bayliss
Mechanisms regulating maturation in trees Aaron Leichty
Metabolic Engineering of Green Algae for Sustainable Bioproduct Jon Lin
Natural diversity in immune responses to bacterial pathogens Jennifer Lewis
Probing soil and root-associated microbiomes in sorghum Jill Banfield
Regulation of photosynthesis and photosystem assembly Krishna Niyogi
Remote sensing biodiversity surveys in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Mel Baldino
Seasonal Monitoring and Experimental Evaluations of Aquatic Food Webs in Pinnacles National Park Albert Ruhi Vidal
Selecting for Solar: Energy Planning, State-Structures, and Politics of Distributive Control Jonas Meckling
Social, Ethical, and Environmental Dimensions of Rare Earth Mining in Africa - Interview Data Analysis Youjin B. Chung
State and Local Level Politics of Wind Energy Development in the US Since 1980s: Evidence from Three States Jonas Meckling
Understanding the role of nuclear transport receptor KA120 in plant immune activation Yangnan Gu
Watersheds of the East Bay Kurt Spreyer