Project Description: 

The primary objective of this project is to utilize synthetic biology approaches in developing algae as a sustainable platform to produce valuable biomolecules. We leverage the intrinsic capabilities of green algae to convert CO2 into organic compounds and amplify their potential through genetic engineering. By introducing novel metabolic pathways, we aim to synthesize valuable compounds in algae to benefit both human health and the environment.

Undergraduate's Role: 

The student will be involved in hands-on laboratory work, including molecular cloning experiments (polymerase chain reaction, gel electrophoresis, DNA construct building, DNA extraction, DNA sequencing, etc.) and handling of algal strains (preparation of cell culture media and strain maintenance). The student will participate in regular group meetings and discuss experimental results with the mentor.

Undergraduate's Qualifications: 

We are looking for a highly motivated student with a strong passion for scientific research. Attention to detail, accurate protocol adherence, and strict compliance to safety guidelines are expected from the student. The student should also have effective communication skills and the ability to collaborate within a team environment. For the summer semester, the student is expected to work 15 hours per week.

On Campus
More than 12 hours
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