Project Description: 

Our undergraduate research project fits within a larger-scale project that seeks to determine sustainable methods for remediating soil with arsenic contamination. We are investigating the ability of a fern, Pteris vittata, to remove arsenic from soil by accumulating arsenic in its fronds. We are running an on-going field experiment and associated greenhouse/lab studies with the objective of determining the ability of fertilizers to increase arsenic concentrations in the fern fronds.

Undergraduate's Role: 

Student engagement will include work outside at our field site (in Richmond, CA), and lab work on campus preparing soil, plant tissue, and soil water samples.

Undergraduate's Qualifications: 

We are looking for highly motivated students interested in soil science, urban agriculture, and cycles of contaminants in soil-plant systems. No qualification is needed, but basic knowledge of soil science, chemistry, and plant cultivation/gardening is a plus.

Off Campus