Project Description: 

Starting in January 2020, the City of Berkeley is enacting an ordinance designed to cut back on the use of single use disposable plastic foodware which will replece plastic foodware with compostable plastics, make them available by request only, and charge 25 cents. My research group (led by Jessica Heiges, my phd student) has been tasked with gathering and analyzing data to guage the impacts of this measure on consumer behavior and food-seller decision-making. We have already mobilized volunteers to undertake a quantiative baseline study before the measure is enacted. In the Spring we plan to undertake a qualitative survey of businesses to find out how they are implementing this policy and their concerns. The qualitiative/quantitative studies will continue for at least one more year, possibly two. The data should help inform city agencies and broader authorities and interested parties about the impacts of the first measures of its kind in the US.

Undergraduate's Role: 

Help design and implement qualitative survey for food service outlets in Berkeley re purchase and use of non-reusable foodware. Helop compile and analyse data we have already gathered.

Undergraduate's Qualifications: 

Some experience with data, willingness to seek out and engage business owners/managers and customers.

On Campus
3-6 hours