Project Description: 

We are an evolutionary biology lab focused on how nature invents new traits.  We want to know which genes underlie the ability of species to meet challenges in their environments, and how the changes in these genes arose by natural selection.  We address these questions in microbes and animals using a combination of experimental and computational tools.  We focus particularly on long-term adaptation—that is, how genetic variants are accumulated over millions of years as a species specializes to a new niche.  Our lab has gained notoriety for developing new genome-wide screening methods to find these variants, as they manifest between reproductively isolated species.  Almost no one else in the field has tackled this problem.  Thus when you join our team, you help push the envelope of what's possible in evolutionary genetics.

Undergraduate's Role: 

Undergrads will contribute to genome-wide screening of adaptation genes, and to single-gene molecular validation studies of gene hits.  They will be trained by talented students and postdocs.

Undergraduate's Qualifications: 

An interest in evolution, and a background in molecular biology, is a must.  Computational expertise is useful.

On Campus
To be negotiated