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  • Carbon Sequestration in Rangelands

    Carbon Sequestration in Rangelands

    --Effects of changing precipitation on soil respiration --Managing California rangelands for carbon sequestration

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  • Steven Hall

    Steven Hall

    I’m a third year PhD student in the Silver lab. My thesis examines the impact of anaerobic conditions and fluctuations in redox potential on greenhouse gas emissions and carbon cycling in tropical forest soils. My previous research focused on the restoration of temperate and neotropical wetlands, where I evaluated impacts of altered disturbance regimes on […]

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  • New Frontiers in Nitrogen Biogeochemistry

    New Frontiers in Nitrogen Biogeochemistry

    --DNRA: dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium --Feammox: Iron reduction coupled with ammonium oxidation --New methods for measuring denitrification

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  • Wendy Yang

    Wendy Yang

    I am broadly interested in how human activities are changing how natural and managed ecosystems function and how ecosystem responses to global change can feedback to drive or slow future global change. My research is in terrestrial biogeochemistry and ecosystem ecology with a focus on determining process rates and drivers of chemical transformations in the […]

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  • Becca Ryals

    Becca Ryals

    I finished my doctoral research in the Silver lab in 2012. I am interested in the interaction between climate change and land management on biogeochemical processes, particularly in the storage of carbon. My dissertation research explored the potential for carbon sequestration in grazed annual grasslands with different management strategies. I use a combination of large-scale […]

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  • Greenhouse Gas Dynamics in Tropical Forests

    Greenhouse Gas Dynamics in Tropical Forests

    --Rainfall exclusion experiments --Nitrogen and organic matter decomposition --Long term effects of hurricanes

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  • Biogeochemistry in Variable-Redox Environments

    Biogeochemistry in Variable-Redox Environments

    --Controls on methane and nitrous oxide fluxes in peatland pastures --Sulfur cycling from the Atacama Desert to tropical rainforests

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