College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

EEP Courses

Fall 2010

EEP Course Descriptions

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EEP C1 Introduction to Environmental Economics & Policy Berck
EEP 100 Microeconomic Theory with Application to Natural Resources Ligon
EEP C102 Natural Resource Economics Farzin
EEP C115 Modeling and Management of Biological Resources Getz
EEP C118 Applied Econometrics Sadoulet
EEP 140AC Economics of Race, Agriculture, and the Environment Romm
EEP 143 Economics of Innovation and Intellectual Property Wright
EEP 145 Health and Environmental Economic Policy Anderson
EEP C151 Economic Development de Janvry
EEP 152 Advanced Topics in Development & Trade Magruder
EEP 161 Advanced Topics in Environmental and Resource Economics Fisher
EEP C181 International Trade Wood