Wildland Fire Seminar

UC Berkeley, Fall 2001 Semester 

Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM) 198/298


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The UC Berkeley Wildland Fire Seminar is a lecture and discussion series organized by WFRG members with the purpose of bringing distinguished members of the fire science community from across the country to UC Berkeley.  We hope to promote discussion and awareness about the most recent research, policy, and management in the field. Weekly readings and distinguished guest lectures followed by discussion. Faculty and persons outside of UC Berkeley are encouraged to attend the seminar.

WFRG gratefully acknowledges the sponsors of the 2001 Wildland Fire Seminar:

Dr. Scott Stephens

UC Forest Products Laboratory






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Aug. 30

Scott Stephens

University of California Berkeley

Organizational Meeting and Introduction

Sept. 6

Peter Brown

Rocky Mountain Tree Ring Researach

Reconstruction and analysis of fire regimes using tree ring data

Sept. 13

David Sapsis

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, Fire Resource Assessment Program

Characterizing the Fire Threat to Wildland-Urban Interface Areas in California

Sept. 20 

Tom Parker

San Francisco State University

The Role of Mycorrhizal Fungi on Postfire Vegetation Dynamics

Sept. 27

Kevin Shaffer

California Department of Fish and Game

Fire and Wildlife: Can we manage their interaction?

Oct. 4

Timothy Ingalsbee

Western Fire Ecology Center

The War on Wildfire: The Social, Economic, and Ecological Impacts of Firefighting

Oct. 11

Mark Finney

USFS Missoula Fire Science Laboratory

Spatial Strategies for Landscape Fuel Treatments

Oct. 18

Peter Wohlgemuth

USFS Riverside Fire Laboratory

Fire, Geomorphic Processes, and Watershed Response in California Ecosystems

Oct. 25

Francis Fujioka

USFS Riverside Fire Laboratory

A New Methodology for the Analysis of Two-Dimensional Fire Spread Simulations

Nov. 1

Thomas Swetnam

Laboratory of Tree Ring Research, University of Arizona

Fire and Climate Change in the Western US:  Long and Short-Term Perspectives from Tree-Rings

Nov. 8

Domingo Molina

University of Lleida, Spain

Wildland and Prescribed Fire in Spain and the Rest of the European Union


MARF - Qualitative simulation model to automatically refresh the forest fuel type layer (to be used in FARSITE) under both temporal and spatial changes

Nov. 15

M. Kat Anderson

USDA NRCS National Plant Data Center

The Mountains Smell Like Fire: Indigenous Burning in the Coniferous Forests & Oak Woodlands of California's Sierra Nevada

Nov. 29 

Wayne Minshall

Idaho State University

Sponsored by the Entomology Student Association (ESO)!

Effects of Disturbance by Wildfire on Forested-Stream Ecosystems: Observed Patterns in Time and Space

Dec. 6

Dale Wade

USFS Southern Research Station

Southern Fire Management: Can it serve as a model for other regions?


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