Outreach Publications

Scientific Assessments

Contributing author, Water chapter, IPCC: AR6, WGII (2022)

Co-lead author, Agriculture chapter, Montana Climate Assessment (2017)

Contributing author, Rural Areas chapter, IPCC: AR5, WGII (2014)

Just Adaptation

Mills-Novoa, M. and C. Tapia. Después de la Adaptación: Un studio indisciplinario de los impactos a largo plazo del Proyecto de Adaptación al Cambio Climático a través de una efectiva gobernalidad del agua en el Ecuador PACC. (2022) Policy brief submitted to the Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment and the Ecuadorian National Adaptation Plan

Mills-Novoa, M. (July 2020) On the Space between Success and Failure. Terrain.org. https://www.terrain.org/2020/science-stories/space-between/

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 Mills-Novoa, M., Vereczi, G., Ferroukhi, L., and Fairholm, J. (2017) Climate Change Adaptation Across Latin America and the Caribbean. United Nations Development Program (UNDP) White Paper

Mills-Novoa, M. (2021) The Climate Resilience Workbook Series Facilitation Guide. Climate Impacts Research Consortium, Oregon State University.

Mills-Novoa, M., Boone, M., Brown, Z., Bauer, B., and Sarchet, B. (2017) How Montana agriculture can respond to changing weather and climate patterns. MontGuides for Montana State University Extension: 1-4

Mills-Novoa, M., M. Boone, Z. Brown, and B. Bryan. (2016) How Farmers Can Be at the Forefront of Addressing Climate Change. One Montana Working Paper. Bozeman, MT

Other Social Justice Issues

Mills-Novoa, M. (2010) Harnessing Youth Voice in the Fight Against Hunger: The Role of Youth in Evaluating Federal Nutrition Assistance Programs within Albuquerque Public Schools. Washington, D.C.: Hunger Free Community Report, Congressional Hunger Center

Mills-Novoa, M. (2011) Sustaining Family Farming through Mentoring: A Toolkit for National Family Farm Coalition Members. National Family Farm Coalition Working Paper