Decarbonizing Adaptation

How can the great imperatives of decarbonization and adaptation be more productively combined to deliver holistic climate action at the needed speed and scale?  How can conjoined green investments to transform the built environment tackle climate vulnerabilities exacerbated by racial inequality and enduring colonialism? We are beginning a project that looks at the opportunities and pitfalls of linking these imperatives at the concrete project level (with a focus on both technical dimensions and political contestations), emerging financial mechanisms that could combine these imperatives, how questions of equity and power pervade these new struggles, and how trillions of dollars in investment in decarbonization and adaptation are an essential opportunity to define new paradigms for transcending and replacing neoliberal climate governance. Daniel Aldana Cohen and Meg Mills-Novoa are leading the project, in collaboration with Kate Cullen. The project is a partnership between Climate Futures Lab and Aldana Cohen’s (SC)2


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University of California – Berkeley Climate Equity and Environmental Justice Seed Grant