The Southwest Communities and Natural Resource Fellowships support graduate students doing participatory research with Native American communities. The goal of the fellowships is to assist these communities in developing socially just and ecologically sustainable natural resource practices.

The program accepts proposals for research dealing with community participation in sustainable natural resource management, social and economic justice in environmental management, community ability to maintain traditional lifeways and land uses in the face of outside and/or competing interests, integrating scientific and traditional knowledge in environmental restoration, and other topics relevant to natural resource issues in Native American communities.

Supported by the Christensen Fund, the Southwest Communities & Natural Resources Fellowships will be awarded to masters, pre-dissertation and dissertation students.

For the purpose of this fellowship, the southwest consists of the following geographic areas: Arizona, New Mexico, southern Utah and southern Colorado.


If you are interested in a Southwest Fellowship, please check the appropriate box on the application form.


Community Forestry & Environmental Research Partnerships
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Photo credits:
Colorado Blue Columbine: Dave Powell, USDA Forest Service,
Appalachian Mixed Hardwoods: Chris Evans, University of Georgia,
Japanese Maple: Chris Evans, University of Georgia,