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The Conservation and Resource Studies Student Organization is a cohort within the College of Natural Resources comprised of current, past, and prospective CRS students. The Conservation and Resource Studies major is historically one of the most interesting, active and community-oriented majors on campus. Our major's student organization thrives to foster community, strengthen the student-faculty connection, and engage in social activities in nature.

We are a community striving to make a more socially just, ecologically friendly, and sustainable way of life in order to combat the ecological crisis facing our world today. CRSSO members achieve this goal through actively shaping their educational process through the College of Natural Resources with an interdisciplinary approach that deals with a wide array of environmental issues that comprise a combination of social, economic, cultural, and ecological disciplines. It all starts with ESPM 90, the introductory course to the major, that helps guide the students in the formation of their Area of Interest, and the CRSSO opens its arms to all ESPM 90 students to be a part of the organizaton. The CRSSO serves as a hub to discuss important issues in our society and shows students how they can tailor their AOI around these complex issues.

We also offer students a taste of what research at Berkeley is like by acting as a platform where seniors post their research thesis and link up with other students interested in that field of study. Our goal is to set up a senior mentor/ underclassmen mentee program to further utilize the interdisciplinary design of our major.

A large focus of the CRSSO is the Alternative Graduation ceremony each May for CRS graduating seniors. The CRSSO is the entire basis behind organizing and implementing the event as well as for the healthy growth of Living Diplomas which are handed to each graduating senior.

Apart from activities within our own major, the CRSSO organizes fun events and promotes volunteer opportunities both on and off campus.

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