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"In the Conservation and Resource Studies Major (CRS) of the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM), students design their own upper division area of interest, drawing on 8 upper division classes from within as well as outside ESPM and the College. Lower division preparation is interdisciplinary. Students work with faculty and staff advisors, attending a planning course, ESPM 90, to develop their plan for their area of interest. ESPM 100, Environmental Problem Solving, is the upper division core course that all CRS students take. During their senior year, they enroll in ESPM 194, a seminar that allows them to report on and synthesize what they have learned. These are examples of some of the programs and sub-areas students have chosen for their degree:"

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CRS Major Snapshot

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Jen Podvin '14
AOI: Restoration Ecology

Descriptions of Some Classes
ESPM 186: Restoration Ecology, Professor Katharine Suding
ESPM 102D: Environmental Resource Policy, Professor Alice Kelly

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