Mentor/ Mentee Experience

Senior Mentors Leading The Way
Become a senior mentor!

The Conservation and Resource Studies Student Organization is supporting an ‘experience’ where seasoned students share their UC Berkeley lab experience with the newly admitted Berkeley students. The experience is open to all majors in CNR. The experience is guided by senior students who will present their amazing projects and what it is like working in a world-class laboratory. This is a fun and excellent opportunity for incoming students to gain a perspective from various labs before making their final commitment(s), and for senior students to hone presentation skills for their final thesis or presentations.
If you are interested in either becoming a mentor or mentee, please contact

Take advantage of this opportunity as it can help you prepare for URAP, SPUR, graduate studies, or even with getting a job!

Open Experiences:

Ken Schwab - Resh Lab

AOI: Stream Ecology

Megan Jackson - Pallud Lab

AOI: Sustainable Food System Design

Ariel Cherbowsky - Suding Lab

AOI: Ecological Restoration

Joshua Arnold - Altieri Lab

AOI: Ecological Design for Sustainable Communities

Patrick Donnelly-Shores - Iles Lab

AOI: Environmental Ethics and Land Management

Jennifer Podvin - Suding Lab

AOI: Restoration Ecology