Welcome to the Ruhi Lab! Our research program examines how freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity respond to global change, with a focus on the effects of climate change and drought. We are dedicated to advancing the understanding of river and wetland ecology to generate actionable knowledge for the preservation and restoration of these vital ecosystems.

Some topics that interest us include:

  • Responses of riverine food webs to hydrologic regime shifts
  • Community dynamics in riverine networks
  • Joint effects of hydroclimatic extremes and biological invasions on native biodiversity
  • Potential and limitations of wetland restoration for biodiversity conservation
  • Dam-induced hydrologic alteration and environmental flows

Join the lab in 2024!

The Ruhi Lab is looking for a computational postdoc and a PhD student. Click here for more information. Additionally, we are always interested in inquiries from potential undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers with interests in freshwater ecology and conservation. If you would like to explore any opportunities, please contact us.