Essential water policy reforms for managing drought in California

Check out the latest report from PPIC’s Water Policy Center, which recommends water policy reforms for avoiding negative social, economic, and environmental consequences from drought and a changing climate. Key reforms include:

  • Plan ahead. Stronger drought planning is critically important for urban water management, groundwater sustainability, safe drinking water in rural communities, and freshwater ecosystems.
  • Upgrade the water grid. California needs a comprehensive program to address above- and below-ground storage, conveyance, and operational challenges by mid-century, including repairing facilities that are broken, expanding conveyance and storage capacity, and modernizing and integrating operations.
  • Update water allocation rules. California should comprehensively update its water allocation governance. The goals should be to find equitable and efficient ways to allocate limited supplies among competing demands during dry times while promoting efforts to capture and store water during wet times.
  • Find the money. Reliable funding is crucial for adapting to climate change. New sources are needed to pay for necessary water-management investments and to fill funding gaps in the state‚Äôs water system.
Essential water policy reforms for managing drought in California