“Achieving a Sustainable and Energy Efficient Future for Mexico and California”

Coordinator: Adrian Fernandez Bremauntz, Director, Mexico Climate Initiative

Description: Mexico and California have established several mechanisms of cooperation on clean energy and environment at the national and subnational levels. Leveraging this framework to advance new strategic collaborations on areas such as energy efficiency, electromobility, water energy and clean-energy grid integration is a timely exercise, in light of the need to advance sustainable development practices on both sides of the common border and achieve a low-carbon future. Relevant questions to frame the discussion in this session include:

  • What is the best way to harness California’s advanced clean energy policy and technology platform in support of Mexico’ sustainable development strategies?
  • What areas of work in the California -Mexico clean energy agenda present the best opportunity to establish impactful collaborations in the short, medium and long term?
  • What is the best way to engage the private sector in California and Mexico to encourage their participation in supporting clean energy R&D?
  • What strategies must be followed to create a model of clean energy collaboration that could be supported by international organizations and foundations?  
  • What are the elements that need to be considered in the development of a California-Mexico clean energy plan for the border region?

Panel members:

Odón de Buen Rodríguez

Director General

Comisión Nacional para el Uso Eficiente de la Energía (CONUEE)

Andrew McAllister


California Energy Commission

Michael McNeil


Mexico Energy Initiative 

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory