Current Fellows

Melissa Cervantes (she/her)

Melissa is a first-generation college student studying Society & Environment and Conservation & Resource Studies. She grew up in the Napa Valley, also known as Wine Country, which is where her appreciation for nature began. Melissa comes from generations of farmworkers and has witnessed how the agricultural labor Latinxs provide is overlooked locally and nationwide. Melissa plans on attending graduate school to someday come back to her community and help develop equity programs for the families who provide essential labor to Napa’s wine and tourism industry. 

Denise Aparicio (she/her)

Denise is a third year studying society and environment and planning to minor in city planning. She hopes to enter the environmental policy world to be able to make decisions that affect her community. Aside from being in nature, Denise loves to spend time with her two huskies and has taken up crocheting as a new hobby. She also loves the MCU and watching movies.

Río Vargas (they/them)

Río is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning along with Film Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. They are currently working as an Agricultural Labor Researcher with Federico Castillo, an Environmental Science Lecturer and researcher at UC Berkeley. Under Castillo’s project, Río is researching the socioeconomic impacts of California’s heat wave and the COVID-19 pandemic on agricultural workers in the Central Valley.