Fall 2020 Seminar Course: Student Research Projects

The goal of this presentation is to allow students to find Latinx led organizations in their hometown, or town of interest, whose goals are to help their community with environmental issues.

This presentation is designed to spark students’ interest in serving their local community and bettering Latinx communities who face environmental injustices. If there is no Latinx organization in your hometown that helps combat an environmental issue they face, how can they start their own organization? Or what environmental policy/regulation would they recommend?

Fernando Flores: Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice

Kendy Amaya: Community Water Center – El Centro Comunitario Por El Agua

Cooper Limon: Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy

Cinthia Sanchez

Daphney Orozco

Deninse Aparicio

Andrea Uribe

Ximena Verduzco-Villanueva

Celeste Rojas

Vianney Ruiz

Ana Gutierrez