Robert Fournier

Robert Fournier

Postdoc researcher
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I am a population and community ecologist primarily focusing on freshwater systems. Broadly, my work explores the effects of drought and other stressors across multiple ecological scales in streams. To address these topics, I use a mix of quantitative modeling and experimentation. My postdoc research has examined questions around stream macroinvertebrate metapopulation dynamics, estuarine food web dynamics, and climate-driven phenological change. [coadvised with Stephanie Carlson]

Main publications:

Fournier, R., Colombano, D., Latour, R., Carlson, S. and Ruhi, A., 2023. Long-term data reveal widespread phenological change across major US estuaries. Authorea Preprints.

Fournier, R.J., de Mendoza, G., Sarremejane, R. and Ruhi, A., 2023. Isolation controls reestablishment mechanisms and post‐drying community structure in an intermittent stream. Ecology104(2), p.e3911.