Board Profiles

Ryan Buckley
President, CNRAA
Ryan Buckley is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Ryan holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and an MPP from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Still and always a Cal Bear, Ryan graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in economics and environmental sciences. He likes to dabble in PHP, Python, Quickbooks, SugarCRM, and whatever else needs to be done at Scripted HQ.
Christina Campbell
Vice President, CNRAA
Christina Campbell is a founding research member and current pharmacologist at Theravance, Inc. (, a 14 year-old biopharmaceutical company located in South San Francisco, CA. She is a key member of the research team responsible for transforming the company (formerly Advanced Medicine) from start-up venture to the present fully vertically-integrated, medium-sized biopharmaceutical company. She has over 14+ years of industrial experience in preclinical drug development: from target discovery, lead optimization, early development strategy, and clinical trial support to preparation of regulatory FDA documents. She has a proven track record of scientific rigor and results: contributing to the successful nomination of 13 development candidates, all of which advanced to Investigational New Drug-enabling studies and into clinical development. In addition, she has been a key member of the scientific team identifying new target opportunities strategically aligned with core competencies and business needs. Christina participated in the discovery of VIBATIV™ (Telavancin), partnered with Astellas Pharma, Inc., a novel lipoglycopeptide antibiotic approved by the US FDA in September 2009, for the treatment of complicated skin and skin structure infections caused by certain gram-positive bacteria including MRSA, and approved in Europe in September 2011 for the treatment of nosocomial pneumonia caused by MRSA. She also participated in the discovery of AZD4303, a short acting sedative-hypnotic licensed to AstraZeneca, currently in Phase 1 development and aided in the discovery of Relovair™, a next-generation long-acting beta agonist in combination with inhaled corticosteroid, in collaboration with GalaxoSmithKline in Phase 3 globally for COPD and asthma. She has fueled Theravance's pipeline with discovery of: 5HT4 agonists for gastrointestinal dysmotility and Alzheimer's disease (TD-5108 and TD8954, presently in Phase 2 and 1, respectively), peripheral mu opioid antagonists for opioid-induced constipation (TD-1211, presently in Phase 2), monoamine re-uptake inhibitors for chronic pain(TD-9855, presently in Phase 1), among others. In 2011, Christina was a market entry strategy consultant for the Educational Mission Corporation of India (EdM), an educational start-up based in Mumbai, India, seeking to enter the Indian vocational education space. She provided: educational sector, financial and business model, competitor, partnership, and launch strategy analyses and recommendations for EdM. Christina received her International Masters of Business Administration with distinction from St. Mary's College of California's Trans-Global Executive MBA program in the fall of 2011. She received honors in multiple areas including marketing, global money and economics, operations, and corporate governance. She has also engaged in international business negotiations in Latin America and South-East Asia. Prior to her work at Theravance, Inc. and with EdM, Christina worked in collaboration with NASA-AMES Research Center (Dr. Richard Grindeland Laboratory) and the University of California at Berkeley (Dr. George White Laboratory) on The Effects of Recombinant Growth Hormone on Skeletal Muscle Regeneration. Prior to Christina's work with Berkley and NASA-Ames, she was an honored undergraduate student instructor for lower division courses at UC Berkeley in Biology, Botany, and Paleontology. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in BioResource Sciences from the College of Natural Resources at the University of California, Berkeley. Go Bears!
Pamela Behrsin
Associate Vice President, CNRAA
Pamela Behrsin is the Vice President of Communications for MapLight, a research organization that tracks money's influence on politics in Congress and the California State Legislature. She oversees all aspects of the organization's editorial content including the design, analysis and publication of the organization's research findings. She also designs and executes MapLight's strategic communications programs. Pamela makes regular appearances in the news media speaking about the issue of money and politics. She teaches journalists how to track campaign finance data. She regularly participates in trainings for ethnic media reporters wanting to learn how to follow the money. MapLight has received several awards including James Madison Freedom of Information Award; Knight- Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism; and Library Journal - Best Free Reference.
Pamela has 23 years of communications experience in marketing communications, public relations, community outreach, and events and has integrated numerous innovative, high-impact communications programs across various media platforms into forward-thinking public, private and non-profit institutions. Prior to her communications and editorial and research experience, Pamela was a basketball coach in the Bay Area. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Society and Environment with a concentration in Global Environmental Politics from the College of Natural Resources at the University of California, Berkeley. She completed a High Impact Leadership Program at the Walter A. Haas School of Business and was a volunteer manager for the CAL Women's Basketball Team in 2010.
Stacey Baba
Past President, CNRAA
After graduating from CNR, Stacey spent over 30 years in product development and engineering management, developing new adhesives, polymers and transducer technology for medical application.  
Now retired, Stacey spends her time as a community volunteer.  She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) which supports over 150,000 members in Northern California.  She also sits on the board for the NCGA Foundation, which administers the program, Youth on Course.  Youth on Course (YOC) provides $5 green fees, paid internships, caddie programs and college scholarships for kids who need it most. The YOC participants have the opportunity to meet and be mentored by adults who have had professional success and can share valuable life skill information. Stacey also volunteers her time to support Girls Golf and the First Tee of Silicon  Valley, programs that teach children life skills using golf as the primary activity.  She is also an active member in the Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA) and is a board member of the EWGA Foundation which support women who want to continue their professional education and college reentry programs. Stacey’s interest also include turf management and teaching sustainability practices in the management of urban recreation areas.
Stacey and her husband Jim are very generous donors at the College. Over the years they’ve touched the lives of many students through enrichment programs; such as CNR Field and Lab Experiences, SPUR, including travel funds that were sorely needed by undergraduates to complete their research projects or present at professional conventions, and CNR-specific tutoring programs designed to help undergraduate students succeed. We are very grateful for their generous commitment to the College. In a letter entitled “Field Trip Angels” Professor John Taylor expresses his gratitude to Stacey and Jim. “Tom Bruns and I both firmly believe that to truly learn biology, students must see the organisms in the field as well as in the lab. There is an added benefit; almost all of our current students have had an exclusively urban childhood and many of them have never hiked in the woods. We do everything we can on these trips to engender a desire to go back.”
Stacey and Jim provided seed funding for CNR Specific Tutoring in Chemistry.  The first cohort of students who took the course unanimously agreed that the smaller study sessions with other CNR students helped them to succeed not only in their chemistry courses, but to have a stronger sense of community with people who had similar interests. Four years later, we continue to receive positive feedback from students who participate in this program.
Thomas Bernard Thomas J. Bernard is with Ernst & Young LLP's State and Local Tax practice. Based in San Francisco, Tom provides services related to climate change and sustainability. Tom advises companies on the financial implications and opportunities associated with their internal climate change efforts, including alternative energy generation, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission quantification and reduction. He received a B.S. in Environmental Economics from the University of California, Berkeley and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
David Brower
David is a project manager at ICF International, a consulting firm specializing in the areas of energy, transportation, health, and social programs. At ICF, David helps design and implement energy efficiency programs for utilities and local governments. He graduated from Berkeley in 2009 with a B.S. in Conservation and Resource Studies. You may recognize his name; he is the grandson of David R. Brower, the former executive director of the Sierra Club and founder of Earth Island Institute.
Wes Brown
Student Representative, CNRAA
John Cassaza
Past President & Chair, Board Development, CNRAA
After CNR, John joined the Peace Corps and spent two years conducting soil surveys throughout Honduras and teaching soil science and conservation at a local agriculture high school. He joined Dole Food Company in 1981 at the company's pineapple plantation in Lanai. His career with the premier food company lasted 22 years. It took him to Honduras, the Dominican Republic, China and the Philippines where he expanded his agriculture management expertise with assignments in pineapple, citrus, banana, papaya, mango and asparagus operations. Following Dole, John served as Vice President for agriculture operations at Growers Express in Salinas with responsibilities for the group's ag operations in California, Arizona, Mexico and Peru. John is currently an independent consultant working with farmers in Chile, Tanzania, Mozambique and the Philippines
Gil Castellanos
Gil has been in public service since 2002, when he started as a Biological Sciences Environmental Manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in San Francisco.  Since then, Gil has worked in many positions in the federal government, including as the United National Program Manager for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Washington, DC and as a Biofuels Advisor to the Regional Administrator of the EPA Office in Kansas City.  Gil currently works for the U.S. Department of the Interior at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service where he covers international Arctic issues. He is also a public speaker with The Call to Serve Speakers Bureau of the Partnership for Public Service and spends his spare time fishing, traveling, reading and thinking about how to make a positive difference in the world.  Gil's career in science began as a research associate in a pesticide lab down at Oxford Tract on the campus of UC Berkeley.
Elizabeth Chan
A proud immigrant from southern China, Elizabeth graduated from Cal in 2012 with a B.S. in Environmental Economics and Policy, and a Minor in Chinese Language. She was extremely fortunate to have received the UC Berkeley Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship, which provided a full tuition to fund her education at Cal. The scholarship not only afforded her a world class education at no cost, but also gave her the freedom to concentrate on her interests in and outside of the classroom. As such, Elizabeth is excited about giving back to the university that has given her so much.
The common thread in her work over the last four and a half years has been to help accelerate a low carbon economy both in the US and China through environmental education and outreach, energy policy and regulation, and implementing the sustainability development agenda through different avenues: the university, start-ups, non-profits, a think tank, and most recently the local and state governments.
For example, she had the opportunity to study abroad in China and eventually got involved in the early stages of the China Dream Project  with a 2008 Time Magazine Environmental Hero. The project seeks to reimagine prosperity and reshape consumerism in China, with the goal of catalyzing a new aspirational lifestyle that is innately sustainable for the emerging middle class in China. At Cal, she received the Chancellor's Green Fund Grant and an internship grant from the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Sustainability to fund her own sustainable lifestyle marketing campaign: “The Little Green Book,” a wikipedia guide for everything a Cal student needs to know about living green in Berkeley.
Currently, she is a City Hall Fellow with the City and County of San Francisco, helping to advance the City's sustainability goals. Additionally, she has had the pleasure to project manage a pro-bono consulting project to improve the District-wide energy savings program at the San Francisco Unified School District.
Desirae Early
Environmental Sustainability Specialist at Levi Strauss & Company with experience in energy efficiency, conservation, green products, and sustainable building practices. Desirae has experience with developing energy efficiency programs, marketing campaigns, releasing new technologies, training staff, and selling energy efficiency solutions. She is interested in green building strategies and transforming the built environment, sustainable products, and environmental education.
David Ganz
Dr. David Ganz's is Chief of Party at Winrock International. His experience in forestry and fire science, policy and community development, in both international and domestic arenas, has provided him with a unique mixture of social, ecological, and economical perspectives which he brings to Winrock International's Lowering Emissions in Asia's Forests Program. Dr. Ganz has over 18 years of experience in natural resources management including several years working abroad consulting on large-scale natural resource management and biomass energy projects. David's position within LEAF Program [Lowering Emissions in Asia's Forests] allows him to help the six LEAF countries identify the most economical and effective ways to manage their land and forests and works through regional partnerships to replicate successful approaches. He is working to strengthen each country's technical capability through specialized trainings in REDD+ implementation, and the development of educational curricula on climate change and REDD+ issues. David leads a team of people administering a series of pilot projects whose function is to demonstrate the effectiveness of particular approaches to low carbon development, inform policies, and support national REDD+ and Payment for Ecosystem Services strategies. Those that prove effective can then be scaled up and replicated through regional platforms and partnerships
Bill Golove
Bill Golove is an experienced executive and consultant, specializing in the clean energy sector, specifically focused on project development and finance, technology commercialization and corporate energy program design. Most recently, Golove served as Chief Development Officer for Tri Global Energy, an independent energy project developer headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Golove received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts in Energy and Resources, and a PhD in Energy and Resources from the University of California at Berkeley. Bill has received numerous professional and academic awards including: 2008 Chevron President's Award, 2006 U.S. Presidential Award for Leadership in Federal Energy Management, 2004 LBNL Outstanding Performance Award, and 2003 U.S. Presidential Award for Leadership in Federal Energy Management. Dr. Golove has published in over 40 professional and academic papers and has spoken at over 100 professional and academic conferences.
Kathy Hartzell
Past President, CNRAA
City Council Member, City of Larkspur
Kathy graduated from CNR when it was a brand-new experimental major in the College of Agriculture, so that makes her the senior member of the Board! She majored jointly in Geography and CNR, and put her studies directly to work in planning with a non-profit environmental information organization, the County of Marin, the California Office of Planning and Research and the California Coastal Commission. While raising a family, she has served on the local school board, the city council, and the boards of a number of environmental and community minded-non profits.  For a few years, she got to fulfill her love of textiles and sewing and costumed for a  children’s theatre group.  In her free time, she is an avid gardener, with a small orchard in West Marin and numerous planting beds for vegetables and ornamentals.  She also creates her own stepping stones from pique assiette …..broken crockery and tiles. She and her husband have two children, a geographer son and daughter (CNR 2009) who is a resident in psychiatry.
Maureen Jordan
Chair, Fundraising, CNRAA
Maureen is the Director of Process Development and Commercial Readiness at Alexza Pharmaceuticals. She has over 20 years of product and process development and line management experience in pharmaceutical and device development and manufacturing.
Bob Kelso
Bob is currently a board member of Sierra Forest Legacy, advisory board member of the Sierra Nevada Alliance, and past board member of Mountain Alliance, Central Sierra Watershed Coalition and the Lafayette Arts and Science Foundation. When not volunteering Bob is an entrepreneur who has started a number of small businesses since his days in CNR.
John Lerch
John is the Global Marketing Manager at General Electric (GE). GE Heat Recovery Solutions specializes in technology that converts heat into electricity in a process that generates zero incremental emissions. Marketing and new business development for energy generation and efficiency projects in the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain regions. John has held various roles under this sales and marketing rotational program, including managing the successful redesign of a GE-wide sales website / network, and leading certification efforts for various ecomagination products.
Rosalia Mendoza
Dr. Rosalía Mendoza grew up in the Coachella Valley in Southern California, and graduated from Cal with degrees in Entomology and Integrative Biology in 1997. She attended medical school at the University of Washington in Seattle, received a MPH in community health at Harvard University's School of Public Health, and completed her UCSF Family Medicine residency at San Francisco General Hospital. Before joining Kaiser Oakland's, Salud en Español practicing primary care, she completed a 3 year research fellowship with UCSF, and then was an assistant professor with the UCSF Department of Family and Community Medicine where she primarily conducted health disparity research in pediatric oral health and California workforce diversity, taught family medicine resident and UCSF medical student, and was very active in UCSF health professions mentoring. She is currently on the Board of Directors for the SFSU-UCSF student-run Clínica Martín-Baró serving San Francisco day laborers and on the Board for the CNR Alumni Association, while remaining active with state health care coalitions addressing pediatric oral health.
Andrew Paden
Andrew Paden is a biologist at Environmental Science Associates in Los Angeles involved in environmental technical studies, regulatory compliance and ecological restoration for government and private development projects throughout the state. Andrew serves on the US Green Building Council - West LA chapter editorial and continuing education committees and is a founding member of Biomimicry Los Angeles. His research interests are sustainable landscapes, infrastructure and sustainability analyses. When not working he can usually be found in his garden, hiking or exploring new spots in Downtown LA.
Lynne Spickard
Chair, Events & Activities, CNRAA
Eric Weiser
Student Representative, CNRAA