College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Current UCB Students Transferring to CNR

Transferring TO CNR from another UC Berkeley College

Britt Glaunsinger, one of CNR's excellent faculty members and a great advisor

If you wish to enter CNR from another College, your first step is to familiarize yourself with the CNR major you wish to pursue. See Choosing a Major to begin this process.

Once you have chosen a major, meet with the undergraduate staff advisor for that major to plan your course of study. Make sure to bring a copy of your unofficial transcript to your meeting. When you have a working plan for your change of college, take the following steps:

Transferring FROM CNR to another UC Berkeley College

The process for transferring into another college varies by college. You must consult the requirements and policies of your new college before attempting to transfer. The approval you will need will be done by the other college; CNR does not take any action.

Once your petition is approved, you are granted a "transition semester" in which to begin your new course of study at CNR. You will leave CNR undeclared even though you are pursuing a course of study within your new major. During this time you must remain in good standing. You may also officially declare your new major (see Declaring a Major), which will go into effect the following semester.

If you do not remain in good standing during your transition semester (ie, you go on Academic Probation), your status as a student at UC Berkeley may be jeopardized. This could result in an inability to declare your new major or even dismissal from the university.