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The CNR Alumni Association Board

Board Profiles

Ryan Buckley

Environmental Sciences and Economics '04
President, CNRAA
About Ryan Buckley

Christina Campbell

Bioresource Sciences '95
Vice President, CNRAA
About Christina Campbell

Pamela Behrsin

Society and Environment '10
Associate Vice President, CNRAA
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Stacey Baba

Biology-Natural Resources '77
Past President, CNRAA
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Thomas Bernard

Environmental Economics & Policy '98
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David Brower

Conservation and Resource Studies '09
About David Brower

Wes Brown

Environmental Economics & Policy '13
Student Representative, CNRAA
About Wes Brown

John Cassaza

Soil and Plant Nutrition '77
Past President & Chair, Board Development, CNRAA
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Gil Castellanos

Environmental Science & Anthropology '01
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Elizabeth Chan

Environmental Economics and Policy, and a Minor in Chinese Language '12
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Desirae Early

Environmental Economics & Policy '08
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David Ganz

BS Forestry '93, Ph.D. Environmental Science, Policy and Management '02
About David Ganz

Bill Golove

Energy and Resources '95, '06
About Bill Golove

Kathy Hartzell

Conservation of Natural Resources and Geography '72
Past President, CNRAA
About Kathy Hartzell

Maureen Jordan

Nutrition & Food Science '83
Chair, Fundraising, CNRAA
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Bob Kelso

Conservation of Natural Resources '81
About Bob Kelso

John Lerch

B.S. Conservation / Resource Studies '07, and B.A. Economics '07
About John Lerch

Rosalia Mendoza

Entomology & Integrative Biology '97
About Rosalia Mendoza

Andrew Paden

Bioresource Sciences '99
About Andrew Paden

Jim Perich-Anderson

Political Economics of Natural Resources '77
About Jim Perich-Anderson

Lynne Spickard

Conservation of Natural Resources '75
Chair, Events & Activities, CNRAA
About Lynne Spickard

Eric Weiser

Environmental Economics & Policy '14
Student Representative, CNRAA
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CNR Alumni Association Board Emeriti