College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

The CNR Alumni Association Board

Pamela Behrsin, Chair Mentoring & Outreach

Society and Environment '10

Pamela Behrsin is the Vice President of Communications for MapLight, a research organization that tracks money's influence on politics in Congress and the California State Legislature. She oversees all aspects of the organization's editorial content including the design, analysis and publication of the organization's research findings. She also designs and executes MapLight's strategic communications programs. Pamela makes regular appearances in the news media speaking about the issue of money and politics. She teaches journalists how to track campaign finance data. She regularly participates in trainings for ethnic media reporters wanting to learn how to follow the money. MapLight has received several awards including James Madison Freedom of Information Award; Knight- Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism; and Library Journal - Best Free Reference.

Pamela has 23 years of communications experience in marketing communications, public relations, community outreach, and events and has integrated numerous innovative, high-impact communications programs across various media platforms into forward-thinking public, private and non-profit institutions. Prior to her communications and editorial and research experience, Pamela was a basketball coach in the Bay Area. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Society and Environment with a concentration in Global Environmental Politics from the College of Natural Resources at the University of California, Berkeley. She completed a High Impact Leadership Program at the Walter A. Haas School of Business and was a volunteer manager for the CAL Women's Basketball Team in 2010.

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