College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

The CNR Alumni Association Board

Gil Castellanos

B.S. Environmental Science '01, B.A. Anthropology '01

Gil has been a U.S. Government employee beginning in 2002 as a NEPA Compliance SpecialistóBiological Sciences Environmental Manager for the US Army Corps of Engineers; as a United National Program Manager in the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as a Biofuels Advisor to the Regional Administrator of the U.S. EPA , and with the North America Environmental Policy and International Conservation for the U.S. EPA. He has served as a speaker in The Call to Serve Speakers Bureau, Partnership for Public Service for the past five years, and currently as a Physical Scientist at the US EPA. Gil's career in science began with a two-year position as a Research Associate in the Pesticide Chemistry Lab at UC Berkeley.

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