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David Ganz

BS Forestry '93, Ph.D. Environmental Science, Policy and Management '02

Dr. David Ganz's is Chief of Party at Winrock International. His experience in forestry and fire science, policy and community development, in both international and domestic arenas, has provided him with a unique mixture of social, ecological, and economical perspectives which he brings to Winrock International's Lowering Emissions in Asia's Forests Program. Dr. Ganz has over 18 years of experience in natural resources management including several years working abroad consulting on large-scale natural resource management and biomass energy projects.

David's position within LEAF Program [Lowering Emissions in Asia's Forests] allows him to help the six LEAF countries identify the most economical and effective ways to manage their land and forests and works through regional partnerships to replicate successful approaches. He is working to strengthen each country's technical capability through specialized trainings in REDD+ implementation, and the development of educational curricula on climate change and REDD+ issues. David leads a team of people administering a series of pilot projects whose function is to demonstrate the effectiveness of particular approaches to low carbon development, inform policies, and support national REDD+ and Payment for Ecosystem Services strategies. Those that prove effective can then be scaled up and replicated through regional platforms and partnerships.

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