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The S.J. Hall Chair in Forest Economics


This fund supports the S.J. Hall Chair in Forest Economics. Its focus is on the relationships between forest resources and economic activities and integration of knowledge of forest science, economic theory, and quantitative methods in analyzing problems of resources allocation in forestry.

Professor Peter Berck of the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics currently holds the S.J. Hall Chair. He writes:

"The SJ Hall Chair in Forest Economics has enabled me to take on a completely new line of research in the financial aspects of private versus public forest ownership. I was able to bring an expert on privatization and finance to the campus for a month this summer.

"Ultimately, when I finish all the things that I have promised to editors and agencies, the chair will allow me to put all of my effort into this new research program and at least very temporarily be free from the constant need to raise additional funds. The Chair has also been a very important source of funding for students who want to go into the field of forest economics, providing funding for their Ph. D. research. Without this type of kind and thoughtful assistance from our donor community, Berkeley would be a much duller and poorer place."

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Prof. Peter Berck currently holds the S.J. Hall Chair in Forest Economics.