Leah’s Pantry

Kelly Lam
Spring 2021

Leah’s Pantry is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing trauma-informed nutrition education. Its mission is to improve the health, wellness, and resilience of communities. In particular, the team members at Leah’s Pantry formulate their programs and resources to target low-income communities that have historically been underserved. For my internship, I provided support to the organization’s Food Smarts for Waste Reduction Program by co-facilitating various classes covered in the program’s curriculum. Some topics in the Food Smarts curriculum include food code dates (i.e. how to decipher them), food storage, composting, healthy eating, and zero-waste cooking. I also assisted with the maintenance and management of the organization’s eatfresh.org website. In partnership with CalFresh, the site offers a variety of easy-to-make, healthy, and budget-friendly recipes. Overall, Leah’s Pantry seeks to nourish communities and promote a healthy and equitable food system.