Pesticide Action Network (PAN) North America

Chloe Cho
Fall 2020

Pesticide Action Network (PAN) North America is part of a global network of over 600 NGOs, institutions, and individuals in over 90 counties. Together, they work to replace the use of highly hazardous pesticides with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives within a rights-based approach that prioritizes agroecology, food sovereignty, and food justice. As an intern, I was a member of the PAN International Agroecology Workgroup, where I supported many projects, including planning and co-hosting an international webinar, Agroecology: Farmers’ Pathways to Liberation from Pesticides. Hearing firsthand from farmers about their successful transitions from conventional pesticide use to agroecological practices was inspiring and encouraging, demonstrating a way forward with pesticide-free production. With the Grassroots Science Hub, I conducted a literature review about the impacts of climate change on agricultural insect pests which will soon be published as an issue brief and blog. Working with the PAN team has been an incredible experience and I will be continuing as a Science Fellow post-graduation, working alongside amazing individuals from around the world working toward a safer, healthier, more just food system by eliminating the use of highly hazardous pesticides in agriculture.