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No Falling in Love – No Crying – #distractinglysexy Fullsize downloadable version for you to print out and post on your lab door!



Science Fair Winners Disappointed By Lack Of Volcano Research Projects

Berkeley, CA – Three hundred junior high and high school science fair winners visited the University this week to learn about career opportunities in science. The students represented a broad cross section of schools from across the country and included mostly 8th-10th graders. The head of the University‚Äôs STEM outreach and education effort, Dr. Barb […]

What Kind of a Climate Change Denier are You? Take Our Quiz!


How Not To Use Your Pipets

We’ve been thinking about pipets lately and Ingrid the intern has an unboxing video of the Rainin adjustable width multichannel. In the mean time we came across this amazing display of how not to let the pipetmonkeys treat the labware. The Gilson M P-1000 in his left hand at 0:34 retails for over $500 and […]