Self-Driving Car Escapes Research Lab

Berkeley, CA – Researchers at the University reported this afternoon that their latest model experimental self driving car “went missing” from the autonomous vehicle test track about 4:30pm local time. The vehicle, described as a white two door compact sedan model was undergoing routine testing when it slowly exited the test facility, made a left […]

Demotivational: Pipet Fail

We love science stock photography! Models are hired to demo sciencey stuff but no one shows them how to use it properly. The bottom photo is how it is supposed to look. You have the same volume in every pipet tip because all the liquid levels are the same. It may not be obvious to […]

Caution Mixed Gender Lab

No Falling in Love – No Crying – #distractinglysexy Fullsize downloadable version for you to print out and post on your lab door!



Demotivational: It’s Only Blood

The idea of a phlebotomist handling blood samples without gloves or splash protection is …. disturbing. Not sure how old this photo is but it certainly can serve as an example of how NOT to do this. Fair Use Disclaimer: This site may contain copyrighted material, the use of which has not always been specifically […]

Study Finds Chimps Can Cook but They’re Too Tired After Work So They Just Order In

Seriously, this originally appeared on Slate @ Reuters: Researchers apparently found that chimpanzees have the mental ability to cook for themselves but just aren’t feelin’ it.  

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Demotivational: Old School Edison

Thomas Edison in his laboratory in Menlo Park, NJ. One of the most prolific inventors/self-promoters of all time Edison was the front man for a very competent group of assistants. I guess when you’re the big guy you can do what you want. Click to Embiggen! Fair Use Disclaimer: This site may contain copyrighted material, […]

Laid Off Geneticist Goes on Sequencing Rampage

Berkeley, CA – A genetics researcher who was informed that he was being laid off due to funding cut backs barricaded himself in a laboratory and went on a 36 hour gene sequencing spree. The scientist, who was not named by administrators, was reported by the University to be an experienced geneticist, and there was […]

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