Self-Driving Car Escapes Research Lab

Berkeley, CA – Researchers at the University reported this afternoon that their latest model experimental self driving car “went missing” from the autonomous vehicle test track about 4:30pm local time. The vehicle, described as a white two door compact sedan model was undergoing routine testing when it slowly exited the test facility, made a left […]

Study Finds Chimps Can Cook but They’re Too Tired After Work So They Just Order In

Seriously, this originally appeared on Slate @ Reuters: Researchers apparently found that chimpanzees have the mental ability to cook for themselves but just aren’t feelin’ it.  

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Pluto’s Status Upgraded

With the imminent arrival of the NASA’s New Horizons space probe, public interest in our solar systems furthest “planet” has peaked. For decades, following the 1930 discovery of the planet Pluto, school children have made whimsical paper mache models of our solar system with nine planets. That all changed in 2006 when the  International Astronomical […]

Scientists Propose “Healthy” Soda Serving Sizes

Ingrid and Jakki with new “healthy-sized” sodas. A report out today from the University proposes new healthier portion sizes for sweetened and carbonated beverages. The new recommendations are based on evidence that humans rarely encountered such carbohydrate-dense foods in evolution and our bodies were just not designed for such a “wicked sugar rush”. Citing well […]

Baby Raccoons!

    On a recent trip to the UC Botanical Garden to view a rare flowering Chiliean Bromeliad, we encountered some baby raccoons that appeared to be waiting around for their mother to return. Lilah had some definite opinions about them.   Raccoons make About 50 different vocalizations including purring, hissing, growling, grunting, etc.  In […]

Queen of the Andes

The UC Botanical Garden is host to a rare South American Bromeliad that is currently flowering. Planted from seed in 1990 the giant plant started sprouting in May and now has grown a 20 foot tall flower. As luck would have it, the UC Bot Garden is located just up the hill from the lab […]

What’s a Pipetmonkey?

What’s a Pipet Monkey? The term is both playfully derogatory and respectful all at once. The programming equivalent, Code Monkey, is roughly similar in usage but more demeaning and trivializing, personally. If you’re a non-American English speaker, lackey or maybe dogsbody might ring true. Shoprat was what they were affectionately and divisively called in the […]