Self-Driving Car Escapes Research Lab

self driving carv2

Berkeley, CA – Researchers at the University reported this afternoon that their latest model experimental self driving car “went missing” from the autonomous vehicle test track about 4:30pm local time. The vehicle, described as a white two door compact sedan model was undergoing routine testing when it slowly exited the test facility, made a left turn out of the parking lot, rolled past the security booth at the main gate, and jumped on the freeway heading south.

Officials disclosed that the vehicle was undergoing routine sensor maintenance and software upgrades to its navigation system when they “experienced an unexplained loss of command over ride control.” A scientist on the project, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “Oh we saw it drive off alright, it had obviously become sentient, it wasn’t speeding or nothing, it even used its turn signals at the stop light.” An unidentified security guard at the facility was heard to remark, “The dang thing just up and left, I thought it was some guy going home early, I even waved to it.”

A State Highway Patrol spokesperson said that they had spotted the vehicle heading towards Las Vegas but that it had been obeying the traffic laws and posted speed limits, and that they really had no probable cause to stop the vehicle. The fuel efficient hybrid electric vehicle is reported to have a range of approximately 400 miles. Unconfirmed announcements today on the celebrity gossip website reported the vehicle has already been offered a role in the movie Furious 8.



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