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US Labor Law


US Department of Labor

Enforcement of federal statutes that regulate such workplace matters as wages, health and safety (Federal OSHA), pensions, equal employment opportunity, unemployment and workers compensation insurance, and collective bargaining.

US Code

Contains US Federal law code including Title 7, Agriculture, Title 29, Labor, Title 9, Arbitration, and much more. Search engine available.

USDA Labor Affairs

Specific areas of concern include immigration, the H-2A Temporary Agricultural Worker Program, Worker Protection Standards for pesticide use, agricultural labor supply, and farm worker employment. Other USDA information and news.

US Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS)

The INS site includes an employer section with downloadable forms, including the employment eligibility verification I-9 form. Download I-9. Readers can also find links to statistics, reports, news, border patrol, and more. Of interest to the employer as well as to the immigrant, and general public.

National Labor Relations Board

NLRB facts, decisions, rules, and information.

US Government Printing Office

Contains US Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations and other Government Printing Office archives. Search engine available.

US Senate

Access to Senators, and to information on a bill in Congress that may be of special interest to you. .

US House of Representatives

Access to information about bills and resolutions being considered in the Congress. Contact elected member of House of Representatives.

US White House

Archives of White House documents. Send E-mail to President elect, or Vice-President.

National Labor Law Journal

Articles, court decisions, and up-to-date news on public policy and compliance issues.


California Labor Code

Table of contents with overview. Specific detailed sections on such topics as Wages, Hours and Working Conditions; Agricultural Labor Relations; Farm Labor Contractors; Workers' Compensation, and more.

California Department of Industrial Relations

Overview of California Title 8 regulations, list of California registered FLCs, TIPP report, IWC wage orders and more.

Department of Fair Employment and Housing

Includes statutes relating to discrimination issues, as well as some required posters as well as publications, and more.

California Law Search Engine

Place a check mark on Labor Code and use search engine to find California labor code reference, or search other California law areas such as Food and Agriculture law or Unemployment Insurance law.

Minimum Wage

Minimum wage changes affecting California employers.

Employment Development Department

Employment Development Department rules affecting California employers, including "New Reporting Requirements For Employers" beginning July 1, 1998 and wages (find location and then go to Agriculture).

Agricultural Labor Relations Board

The California Agricultural Labor Relations Act (ALRA) became effective in 1975. The ALRA seeks to achieve peace in the fields by providing orderly processes for protecting, implementing, and enforcing the respective rights and responsibilities of employees, employers and labor organizations in their relations with each other.

Also see Farm Safety links for other legal organizations related to farm safety.


Ohio Farm Labor Handbook (5th Edition)

The Ohio Farm Labor Handbook is an informational source for farm employers and employees on labor law and compliance issues, by Bernard L. Erven and Eric E. Barrett

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Agricultural Labor Management


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