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Canadian Ag Management Links

Human Resource Development Canada / Développement des ressources humaines Canada

Insurance, safety, vacation, disability and numerous other topics are discussed in this extensive site.

Revenue Canada / Revenu Canada

Employment taxes, questions and answers, forms.

Centre for Industrial Relations (CIR)

University of Toronto CIR. Includes extensive set of HR links within Canada and the rest of the world.

University of Guelph and Athabasca University Electronic Agricultural MBA

Work on your agricultural MBA and study from your home or office.

The Agricultural Workforce Policy Board, B.C.

The Agricultural Workforce Policy Board (AWPB) is a unique partnership of public and private sector groups and organizations in B.C. that have an interest in agriculture and its workforce. You will find a wealth of links!

Labour Pool, B.C.

The "Labour Pool" is a recruitment assistance service for people seeking employment in the agricultural sector. The service is for people on Employment Insurance, or otherwise not employed, for new entrants into the agricultural workforce or for people wanting to upgrade their employment position.

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